0 Kg Object Is Moving Along The X Axis In A Region Where Its Potential Energy As

A 3.0 kg object is moving along the x-axis in a region where its potential energy as a function of x is given as ( ) 2 Ux x = 4.0 , where U is in joules and x is in meters. When the object passes the point x = -0.50 m, its velocity is +2.0 m/s. All forces acting on the object are conservative. (a) Calculate the total mechanical energy of the object. (b) Calculate the x-coordinate of any points at which the object has zero kinetic energy. (c) Calculate the magnitude of the momentum of the object at x = 0.60 m. (d) Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration of the object as it passes x = 0.60 m. 2009 AP® PHYSICS C: MECHANICS FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS (e) On the axes below, sketch graphs of the object’s position x versus time t and kinetic energy K versus time t. Assume that x = 0 at time t = 0 . The two graphs should cover the same time interval and use the same scale on the horizontal axes. All I need is to understand part e.
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