1 In Roman Law Particularly In The Body Of The Civil Law What Does Quot Natu

1. In Roman law – particularly in The Body of the Civil Law – what does “natural law” refer to?
2. Describe Aquinas’s distinctions between eternal law, natural law, human law, and divine law.
3. What are the two parts of Aquinas’s synderesis principle?
4. List the six human inclinations and their corresponding six primary precepts of morality.
5. Give an example of how we deduce secondary moral principles from primary principles.
6. According to Suarez, how should we view natural inclinations by themselves?
7. According to Grotius, what is the highest principle of natural law? What are the five specific rules that Grotius deduces from his highest principle of natural law?
8. According to Hobbes, what is a law of nature? And,  what is the first law of nature?
9. Explain Hume’s view that we cannot derive ought from is. How do natural law philosophers derive ought from is?
10. What are the three themes of natural law theory that are still with us today?
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