10.02 Can You Hear Me Now? Quiz

Question 1
The Wages of Sin literary analysis. Match each example from the essay
with the part of the literary analysis that the example fulfills.
Topic Sentence
Concrete Detail
Parenthetical Citation
Trust is like a mirror; once it has been shattered, nothing ever looks quite the same.
“Rappaccini’s Daughter,” Hawthorne portrays the effects of betrayal of
trust in order to demonstrate that all in this world is untrustworthy
and death is the only certainty as prescribed in penalty for man’s
betrayal of God.
the deeper cause of the tragedy lies in fact that neither Giovanni nor
Rappaccini love or trust Beatrice more than his ideology.
she dies from the antidote, she charges Giovanni with her death saying,
“Farewell, Giovanni. Thy words of hatred are like lead within my
heart…Oh, was there from the first not more poison in thy nature than
in mine?” (420)
So Giovanni, like Rappaccini, is betrayed by this illusive faith in an intellectual human construct.
This story goes beyond mere tragedy, however.
Rappaccini is confronted with his treachery by Beatrice in her dying moments when she asks,
Still, wages of betrayal are more heinous than life.
turns from the poison with which her father nourished and sustained her
and accepts the antidote which Giovanni, her lover offers her.
30 points
Question 2
Select all of the following that could serve as a hook for the introduction of a literary analysis.
An analogy or metaphor
A definition of terms
A meaningful quotation
A universal idea
A startling fact
4 points
Question 3
conclusion is arguably the hardest paragraph of an analysis to write.
Select all of the following that may be used to make a conclusion
memorable rather than redundant. Evaluating an author’s success in conveying his/her message Offering an opinion of the value or significance of the text Making prediction about what will happen next in the text Providing a personal statement about the topic of the text Using one or two interesting direct quotations from the text 3 points
Question 4
Select all of the following that are essential to an effective introduction to a literary analysis. A memorable clincher The author and title of the work A description of the setting A thesis statement about the theme A very brief summary of the text
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