3 A Gymnast Is Performing The Iron Cross Exercise On The Rings In Which The Arms

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3) A gymnast is performing the "iron cross" exercise on the rings, in which the arms are heldstraight outwith a ring grasped in each hand, and the body hangs motionless between the rings. 3) I1′) ID First draw a FBD to determine the tension in the cables attached to the rings to support thebody’s weight; you can assume the tension to be the same magnitude in both cables. This isthen the force applied to the hand for part c. Use a horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y—axis)right-handed rectangular Cartesian coordinate system. Let the cable angle be a variable, 0:.Which principal muscle (or muscles that can be grouped as one) is active to maintain the armin this position? Estimate its line of action and point of application. Calculate the approximate magnitude of the muscle force and the magnitude and direction ofthe reaction force in the glenohumeral joint during this maneuver. Draw the FBD with allforces, angles, distances labelled. Calculations should be in terms of body weight, W, andthe angle a. How do your answers vary if the rings rise vertically (position B) from the gymnast’s hands,if they pull outward (position A), or inward (position C)? Can the rings ever point inopposite directions (i.e. one angled inwards and the other outwards)? Why?
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