4 Problem 22 An Ice Skater Is Traveling In A Straight Horizontal Line On The Ic

I need help on part c and part d. I would like to explanations and step process for how to solve them.
(4%) Problem 22: An ice skater is traveling in a straight, horizontal line on the ice with a velocity of v = 9.5 m/s in the positive x-direction. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the skates and the ice is uk = 0.21.Randomized Variablesv = 9.5 m/sMK = 0.2125% Part (a) Write an expression for the normal force, Fy, that the ice pushes against both skates together. Assume the skater’s mass is m.Fv=mg v Correct!25% Part (b) Using the expression for normal force, write an expression for the skater’s acceleration in the x-direction, a.a= – Hkg < Correct!25% Part (c) How long, th in seconds, will it take for the skater’s velocity to drop by half?th = 3.938 X Attempts RemainA 25% Part (d) How far, d, in meters, will the skater travel during the time th?dh =Grade SummaryDeductions0%
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