A Company Paid 200 000 Ten Years Ago For A Specialized Machine That Has No Salva

1.A company paid $200,000 ten years ago for a specialized machine that has no salvage value and is being depreciated at the rate of $10,000 per year. The company is considering using the machine in a new project that will have incremental revenues of $28,000 per year and annual cash expenses of $20,000. In analyzing the new project, the $10,000 depreciation on the machine is an example of a(n):a. incremental costb. opportunity costc. variable costd. sunk coste. out of pocket cost2.A company is considering a new project that will cost $19,000. This project would result in additional annual revenues of $6,000 for the next 5 years. The $19,000 cost is an example of a(n):a. sunk costb. fixed costc. incremental costd. uncontrollable coste. opportunity cost3. If net present values are used to evaluate two investments that have equal costs and equal total cash flows, the one with more cash flows in the early years has the higher net present value.True/False
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