Advance practice nursing

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Advance practice nursing “is a way of viewing the world that enables questioning of current practices, creation of new nursing knowledge, and improved delivery of nursing and health services “(Bryant-Lukosius,et al.,2004). A nurse leader or educator has their own pros and cons in the role of an Advanced Practice Nurse. In 2004, the National Council of State Board of Nursing(NCSBN)and accrediting agencies sought to develop uniform standards of education, accreditation, licensure, and certification across the advanced practice arena. The changing health care delivery system has increased the demand for Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)roles through the roles of Nurse Practitioner (NP), Nurse Midwife, Nurse Anesthetist. Clinical nurse educators are not included in the defined role of Advanced nurse practitioners. The concept of advancement within the APN role in specialization through the clinical or non-clinical role, the expansion of knowledge, skills, and role are the same. It is the “Integration of practice of theoretical, and research knowledge to accomplish the objective and assess the outcome”(Bryan-Lukosius,2004).


The Academic Nurse Educator (ANE) as an Advanced Practice Nurse (.APRN) identifies an educational pathway to ensure academic preparation to develop a seasoned nurse role. Nurses are not needed only at the bedside. There is a need for qualified, motivated nurse educators to maintain exemplify the standard of advanced practice-evidence-based practice in order to efficiently and cost-effective care for the patients. Nurse educators have an important role in the health sector as its related to clinical practice, education research, professional development, and organizational leadership.


To conclude: Nurse leaders and, nurse educator has a significant role in healthcare collaborating with the team, practicing evidence-based nursing to provide effectively, efficiently and, cost-effective healthcare services.





Nursing leaders and educators are advanced in the medical field, a pro to identifying these roles as the title of an advanced practice registered nurse is that it gives these roles the credibility of the positions they have earned. These two titles do usually come with a higher level of education such as an MSN in nursing or education which is equivalent to an MSN in most advanced practice nurses. A Con to calling these titles advanced practice nurses is that they don’t actually participate in inpatient care plans when advanced practicing nurses actually do. According to the California Academy of Family Physicians (2020) a bill will be passed in January 2023 where nurse practitioners will have complete independence to practice if a transition to practice has been completed, which includes all but not limited clinical experience as a nurse practitioner or mentorship for 3 years, maintain professional liability, and good standing with the last three years of being a nurse practitioner.

These roles are certainly far in nursing careers and deserve the recognition that is above a registered nurse but I would not consider them to be advanced practice nurses. The rationale behind this is they don’t participate in inpatient care plans when all the other advanced practice nurses do.


To conclude, medical professionals should have the recognition they deserve, but it should be within the scope in which they practice. Nursing educators and leadership may be more fit to have a different title bestowed upon them than a registered nurse such as guidance leader or something that means to help navigate with leadership involved.

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