Algebra Math 107midterm Exam This Exam Is Worth 100 Points Questions 1 10 Are

Algebra  MATH 107Midterm Exam
This exam is worth 100 points.  Questions 1 – 10 are each worth 4 points; do not show your work.  Questions 11 – 20 are each worth 6 points; show your work to earn full credit.  
Post only your Answer Sheet in the assignment folder. Write your answers on the answer sheet provided with this exam.  Do not post this exam in the assignment folder.  
Questions 1 – 10: Select the letter of the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.  Check that the answers are all letters (A, B, C, D, or E) and not a value. 
1.)  Determine the terms and degree of the polynomial.  4m5n4 – m4n6 – 8mn4 + 4  Terms: 4m5n4, – m4n6, – 8mn4, 4; degree: 6    Terms: 4m5n4, m4n6, 8mn4, 4; degree: 9    Terms: 4m5n4, – m4n6, – 8mn4, 4; degree: 10    Terms: 4m5n4, m4n6, 8mn4, 4; degree: 10None of these    
2.)  Factor completely.  8a4b – 50b32b(2a2 + 5b)(2a2 – 5b)  2b(2a + 5b)22b(2a – 5b)2  (4a + 10b)(2ab – 5b2
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