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Answer the 3 questions below and reply to each student.Student Reply must be over 200 words.Make sure all student replies you start it with Hello (Student Name),Question 1:We each have unique personalities and this affects how we handle conflict. In this assignment, you will be learning more about your personality type by taking a free personality test. Complete the Enneagram Test with Instinctual Variant results (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. There are 52 questions, and it will take about 15 minutes to complete.Share your results with the class. Discuss how do you think your personality type affects your ability to resolve conflicts? Explain how your personality type plays a role in the communication process and the negotiation process for resolving conflict. Your initial response should be 250 – 300 words and must be posted by Thursday, Day 3. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings with a substantial response by Monday, Day 7.Student Reply 1: Ruth Rivera-BitterWeek 2 Discussion 1Result: Type 2- The Helper with Balanced WingsThis type means that I am help towards others. It says I am socially aware, usually extroverted, and involved. I am warm, emotional, and care a great deal with about my personal relationships. It says that my type tends to work in a profession that helps people. And that I can make a home warm and inviting. “The darkest side of the type Two fixation appears when the Two begins to feel that they will never receive the love they deserve for all of their efforts. Under such circumstances, they can become hysterical, irrational and even abusive (Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper, n.d.).” Lastly, I tend to care more about other needs above my own which can cause for me to be emotionally exhausted.Now that you know a little bit about my results, I do believe that my personality type does affect the way I handle conflict. There was a lot about the assessment that is true about me. I have been known to put others needs above mine. So, when I handle conflict I am accommodating and rarely get to a compromise. When it comes to communication my personality type I can communicate with people. I am sociable and usually willing to help those who need it. I even try not to be pushy, so the other person is comfortable. I’m not so sure how I would be when it came down to negotiations. I have established that I tend to be more accommodating, so I would think in a negotiation I would give more than receive. I feel that works with and against me. The other side getting what they want while I get the most minimum would be good in a business setting.ReferencesEnneagram Type 2 – The Helper. (n.d.). Retrieved from Eclectic Energies: Reply 2: David HillenWeek 2 discussion 1.Based on the Enneagram test results, I am a type 3 personality type, or The Achiever. Based on the test results and the description, this personality type pursues success and enjoys being admired. The results state achievers are frequently hard working, competitive and are highly focused in the pursuit of goals. I agree with the hard working and persistent when I have a goal set for myself. If I am assigned a task, I will complete it with no hesitation and will not stop until it is completed. I believe this does help in the overall goal of resolving a conflict due to I will attempt numerous avenues to resolve the issue or apprehend the goal placed in front of me. The results also went into detail that all the goal driven aspects and need to succeed is hiding something that is an inner sense of meaningless within themselves. This aspect I do not personally agree with due to I am the type that takes nothing for granted and feel very blessed to have everything that I do. I was raised with not a whole lot growing up and I feel my goal driven mind frame is related to being taught nothing is handed to you and make the best out of what you can. If there is anything that can be done personally to achieve a goal, then always put your best foot forward. I feel this can help resolve numerous conflicts due to my best foot is always put forth when it comes to a situation or resolution.The role my personality type has a role in the communication process and the negotiation process due there is a goal to each in order to solve conflict. The text states: “Personality issue conflicts focus on a whole constellation of behaviors such as being dominating, introverted, selfish, or achievement oriented.” (Cahn, 2014. P. 2.1). This shows that certain personality types can cause difficulty or conflict with other personality types. It may be the reason for the conflict to start with. If one personality type views or goes about tasks differently than another personality type, the conflict can begin to start and eventually reach the point where it needs to be discussed in more detail. My goal driven personality type can either benefit or cause other to have conflict with certain situations, myself included. This is where negotiation and other factors to resolve conflict can come into play. With my personality type of an achiever, I will do what is needed to achieve the goal of conflict resolution; no matter the circumstance. I believe this type of negotiation that fits my personality type is cooperative negotiation. This is defined as: “formal bargaining techniques with many skills taught earlier in this book based on basic interpersonal communication skills such as effective listening, assertiveness, supportive communication, and collaboration.” (Cahn, 2014. P. 10.2). This describes what I would do in a circumstance where the conflict needs different routes to resolve the issue, which I am willing to do to achieve the goal of resolution to said conflict. ReferencesCahn, D. D., & Abigail, R. A. (2014). Managing conflict through communication (5th ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from 2: The S-TLC system for responding to conflict teaches us to stop, think, listen, and communicate. For this discussion, read the scenario below. Put yourself in the role of Maria and apply the S-TLC system to help her respond to the conflict appropriately. Be sure to thoroughly analyze the conflict and identify what Maria’s goals should be. Include the use of I-statements to help Maria communicate with her boss. Your initial response should be 250 – 300 words and must be posted by Thursday, Day 3. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings with a substantial response by Monday, Day 7.Case Study Scenario Maria is an account assistant for mid-sized company with three offices in the region. She has worked in this position for almost six years. During this time she has worked for several account managers that have left the organization or has moved to different departments. Maria has developed a very good working relationship with many of the external customers and has developed into the “go-to” person at the office for customer information. Due to the slow economy, sales have been down and the senior executives have decided to consolidate the three local offices. Senior management consulted with Maria’s manager, but not with Maria, when gathering information to make the changes. One of the results that came from this reorganization included several changes to Maria’s job description and how customer accounts were going to be handled. Maria was not happy with these changes and felt that the changes could also have a negative impact on the customer relationships that have been formed. She wants to share her frustrations about these new changes.Student Reply 1: Alecia BennettThe most important thing that Maria needs to do is to take a break or her lunch. She needs to go let out her frustration, fear, disappointment and the fact that she clearly is not feeling valued by the company. Maria needs to call her husband, mother or whom ever it is that she confides in. She needs to clear her mind and thoughts. Then she needs to decide what she would like to achieve from the conversation that she is going to have once she returns from lunch. At this point she understands that change is inevitable within companies. Now that she has taken a step back she has to decide if the changes are unacceptable. Maria has to decide if continuing to work for the company is the choice for her with the changes that have been made. Before these decisions are made Maria will need to first listen to the changes that have been made. She needs to know why the changes were made to her position. Once this has taken place, it is now time for her to present her case. Maria is now going to discuss why she feels that some of the changes that have been made will negatively effect the customers, which will intern affect the company. She is also go to discuss with her boss how her role and relationship to the customers is so vital to continuing with a positive outlook. Marias conversation should sound like this—Mr. Boss- I understand that these changes have been made. I work directly with a multitude of our clients on a daily basis and have been for six years now. I personally have helped them through the turnover that we have had. They rely on me to be their to answer questions and to handle their concerns. My clients and I have built relationships and they trust me. It has taken time to build these relationships, and several would have been lost if I would not had worked with them and made myself available to them to build the trust that I now have with them. It is truly for the greater good of the company that we reevaluate the decision that has been made. I have been the go to for all three companies for most of our clients for years. I have invested into our clients and them in me. This type of service is what keeps them with us. I truly understand the consolidating of our company sir and I respect the decision. I just hope that after hearing how and what I do for our clients that you have a clearer picture. I would ask that you take into consideration not changing my position with them. I appreciate you taking the time to have this conversation with me. She has now identified what her goal is. Maria can now await the decision of her boss, in regards to the changes to her position. She was respectful, yet direct and she provided factual reasons to her boss. Once her boss comes back to her with his answer, she can now decide if she will continue to work their. The SLT system was used – she stopped by taking her lunch break and getting away. She then thought about what she wanted from the meeting she was going to have. She put a plan together for the meeting. She listened to the people she confided in on her phone call at lunch. She also listened to her boss upon her return in their meeting. She also used I-statement in the meeting she had with her boss. Student Reply 2: Glade CorneliusUnexpected change always causes concerns, especially when it relates to something as deeply personal as a person’s employment situation. This introduces some intangible emotional elements to the perceived conflict that could complicate conflict resolution. Maria probably feels like she is closer to the customer relationships that have been established for the company, and should have been consulted prior to the actions taken by the company’s leadership. Maria probably sees herself as an integral stakeholder in the decision and the best resource for future planning, but she was left out. She is probably worried, fearful, and feels undervalued by the decisions made. Using the S-TLC method to express her frustrations, Maria should:Stop – Maria should distance herself for a time, She would be well served if she could elevate herself out of the immediacy of the conflict to first calm herself, then position herself in a proactive stance when dealing with it.Think – Maria needs to do some analysis of the situation, including what she hopes to accomplish with her communication. What is the desired change or clarification she wants from the other party she wishes to communicate with about the issue. She needs to prepare her stance in the conflict. She should take particular interest in thinking about the process goals. She should understand where she stands and how to go about expressing her communication to the other party by agreeing on a format that works for both parties. She should be prepared to manage relationship questions and determine what she wants the ultimate relationship to be after the communication.Listen – (On a personal note, I am not sure “Listen” should be after the thinking stage. We don’t know how to process a conflict until we understand both sides of it, so any deep thinking on the matter should come after listening.) Maria needs to listen to the business justification for the changes made and to the company leadership. She needs to open herself up to the company’s position and views in order to fully appreciate them and the situation from all sides. This is where the parties in conflict can stop being defensive and start a collaborative communication.Communication – Maria should be assertive in her communication with her boss, but she should not be emotional or vitriolic if she wants to continue being seen as a valuable member of the company. Her statements should be factual, to the point, clear, and respectful. The goal of her communication should be to work for the best results of the company, herself, and her boss. The WiN communication style could be effective here. “When you made the decision to reorganize, I felt like I could have been used effectively to plan the new organization based on my experience and relationships with our customers. I would have liked to have been consulted. I need to communicate to you what I believe are serious issues in the new structure and recommend solutions to address them.”ReferenceCahn, D. D., & Abigail, R. A. (2014). Managing conflict through communication (5th ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from 3: Read the Ethics and the Administrative Professional. What Would You Do? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Write a paper with your responses to the five cases presented at the end of the article. Clearly identify each case and provide an explanation of how you would respond or react in each case using communication techniques used to manage conflict. Your responses should be thorough and complete with details explaining your response and using knowledge from this class and two outside resources. You may also indicate if additional information is needed and if so, what would you like to know.The paper must be two to three pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least two scholarly resources (at least one of which can be found in the Ashford University Library) other than the textbook to support your claims and sub claims. Cite your resources in text and on the reference page. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the APA checklist (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..Must be in APA format and each question must be in different word documents.
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