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For this assignment, you will apply the theories and concepts from the course materials to your own life. This will require you to document your “social position”; an analysis of how you are connected to different social institutions and how they have shaped your life. 
You have a lot of flexibility in how you choose to complete this assignment. You will primarily be evaluated based on how thoroughly and accurately you summarize the ideas presented in class, and how well you connect them to your own experiences. You are welcome to communicate that analysis to me in any way that can be recorded and uploaded to Canvas. There are three basic ways to record your analysis: as text, as audio, or as video. You can use only one of these approaches or combine them in any way that works for you. There is also a lot of potential to incorporate imagery (like photos) to supplement your analysis.
In general, I’m looking for the following things:

Thorough descriptions of experiences in your life
Analysis of your experiences that are based on the sources, theories, and ideas from this class
Evidence that you can think critically about gender, challenge common-sense understandings, and explain what you learned in this class in your own words

This does not need to be a fully “cohesive” analysis. You are going to be describing different experiences and applying different ideas to them so I would not expect the entire analysis to flow smoothly from beginning to end. It’s fine to analyze each experience separately without trying to connect everything together.
The experiences you describe can be as specific or general as you want. You only need to be sure you include enough detail to appropriately apply the ideas from class. The experiences you describe could range from a single interaction with someone else that lasted a few minutes to a summary of something you’ve been affected by over the course of your entire life. While the experiences you describe need to be your own, they don’t necessarily need to be about you. It’s fine to describe things that you witnessed. For example, while it wouldn’t be appropriate to analyze experiences your father had growing up, it’s fine to describe and analyze any of your father’s behaviors that you have observed.
I would expect it to be 2000 words (that’s roughly seven pages). That may seem long but I’d generally encourage you to write less formally and in a way that’s “comfortable” for you. I’m not concerned about conciseness, just you expressing your ideas thoroughly. 
As a written essay, I would expect you to be able to describe and analyze three to four different experiences in that space. That really depends on how thorough you are though. The only requirement for detail is that you provide enough that 1) I can understand the situation you’re describing and 2) you have enough detail to actually analyze it and apply what you learned.
When you reference the sources, you can quote or paraphrase. I do not have any minimum number of expected references/citations- I just wanted to see that the ideas you express show an understanding of what you learned in class. You can reference any sources you want (including lecture) but, if my lecture was a review of one of the sources, you should reference that source directly instead. 
If you submit your work in a different format, I expect it to reflect the same degree of planning and organization that would be appropriate for a written essay. For instance, if you were to create a video, I’d expect you to plan out what you’re going to discuss, plan what quotes/paraphrasing you are going to use, and edit your video so that your ideas are expressed clearly. You should record it in a quiet place, practice what tone of voice you want to use, and try to be consistent with it. In short, it won’t be acceptable to turn the camera on and record a stream-of-consciousness video journal. 

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