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KU Business School Blog Audience & Purpose There are multiple audiences for the blog. These include prospective students, current students, faculty and staff, alumni, donors, and the general KU community. The purpose of the blog is to keep these audiences updated on the programs, students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the business school. The blog typically features posts written by students that describe the student experience in the business school and convey the value of business school classes and programs. Effective Blog Posts Blog posts are written with the inverted pyramid style, with the most important information in the first few paragraphs. The blog is written in a fairly conversational and less formal style, while still maintaining a professional feel. Proper attribution of facts and quotes is necessary for all blog posts. The best blog posts have an accompanying visual element. Blog posts typically use headings and/or lists to organize the information and keep the readers engaged. Your Blog Post Topic Selection & Evidence An effective blog post covers a specific topic; avoid speaking generally about the business school or Capitol Federal Hall. Provide information in your blog to reach your target audience and project a positive image of the school. An excellent blog will include information about your personal experience and the experience of other students in the business school. Use examples from your own 2 experience in the school and interview other students to gather evidence. Most of the blog post should be in your own words; do not just list the questions and answers from an interview. The first step is to select and narrow your topic. Topics students typically write about are listed below. As noted in the Business School Blog video (Module 5), this list includes general topics; your blog should focus on a specific topic within these broad categories. Business Career Services Business School Events Academic Advising Business School Resources Business School Clubs & Organizations Highlight a Class/Project/Professor Past Study Abroad Trips Benefits of Your Major Citing Your Evidence When you use sources (other than your own experience), make it clear where the evidence is from. List complete information for your source at the end of the blog and provide a link. If you take information from the KU School of Business website (or any other website), this must be cited. Cite Secondary Sources in Your Blog Entry: According to a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills are the most important skill for new graduates to demonstrate during an interview. List Secondary Sources at the End of Your Blog Entry: Source: National Association of College and Employers, 2019 Employer Survey Results. Available at Cite Primary Sources in Your Blog Entry: Jamie Tyler, a sophomore finance major, participated in a mock interview with Business Career Services. Cite Primary Sources at the End of Your Blog Entry: Jamie Tyler: Visual Element The blog assignment requires 1 visual element. Students frequently take their own photos at an event to use in their blog. Since many events are virtual and you may not be on campus this semester, feel free to use a relevant photo from the KU or business school website. Be sure to include a caption and photo credit. Format: Submit your blog post to Blackboard as a word document. Use Times New Roman font (12 point) and single-spaced paragraphs. Follow the KU School of Business Style Guide, posted on Blackboard. Review the Business School Blog video on Blackboard (Module 5) for additional information about formatting your blog. Grading: Review the Business School Blog Rubric on Blackboard.

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