Case Study and Project Outline

The final paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, with at least five references other than your textbook and course materials.

Below is the Case Study and Project Outline.

I have chosen to do my case study on Glaverbel, a foremost plate glass manufacturer in Benelux countries, and the biggest plate glass manufacturer in Central Europe. Glaverbelunderwent significant difficulties, which almost brought it to bankruptcy. However, it was successful in overcoming the situation and also moving into profits. Glaverbel has implemented some deep transformations in interconnected areas (Chevalierr, 1996). I am reviewing the book“Organizational behavior and change in Europe” by Francoise Chevalier and Michael Segalla. This case study will contain the following parts:

Introduction: About the company like location, what they do, and when it is located, How it was at the brink of bankruptcy.

Forces in place: Five years of consecutive changes that have to lead the company to bankruptcy.

Positive changes: Changes that are made to overcome the situation and steer the company away from bankruptcy.

The impact: How these changes have affected the company’s financial situations.

Conclusion: Takeaways from this case study.

Apart from this book, I am also researching more about this company and Organizational behavior over the internet.

Sample References List:

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