Chapter 15: multiple choice questions

Chapter 15: Multiple choice questions
Question 1
What is the difference between interval/ratio and ordinal variables?
a) The distance between categories is equal across the range of interval/ratio datab) Ordinal data can be rank ordered, but interval/ratio data cannotc) Interval/ratio variables contain only two categoriesd) Ordinal variables have a fixed zero point, whereas interval/ratio variables do not
Question 2
What is the difference between a bar chart and a histogram?
a) A histogram does not show the entire range of scores in a distributionb) Bar charts are circular, whereas histograms are squarec) There are no gaps between the bars on a histogramd) Bar charts represents numbers, whereas histograms represent percentages
Question 3
What is an outlier?a) A type of variable that cannot be quantifiedb) A compulsive liar who is proud to be gayc) A score that is left out of the analysis because of missing datad) An extreme value at either end of a distributionQuestion 4
What is the function of a contingency table, in the context of bivariate analysis?
a) It shows the results you would expect to find by chanceb) It summarises the frequencies of two variables so that they can be comparedc) It lists the different levels of p value for tests of significanced) It compares the results you might get from various statistical tests
Question 5
If there were a perfect positive correlation between two interval/ratio variables, the Pearson’s r test would give a correlation coefficient of:
a) – 0.328b) +1c) +0.328d) – 1
Question 6
What is the name of the test that is used to assess the relationship between two ordinal variables?a) Spearman’s rhob) Phic) Cramer’s Vd) Chi square
Question 7
When might it be appropriate to conduct a multivariate analysis test?
a) If the relationship between two variables might be spuriousb) If there could be an intervening variablec) If a third variable might be moderating the relationshipd) All of the above
Question 8
What is meant by a “spurious” relationship between two variables?
a) One that is so ridiculously illogical it cannot possibly be trueb) An apparent relationship that is so curious it demands further attentionc) A relationship that appears to be true because each variable is related to a third oned) One that produces a perfect negative correlation on a scatter diagram
Question 9
A test of statistical significance indicates how confident the researcher is about:
a) The inter-coder reliability of their structured interview scheduleb) Passing their driving testc) Understanding the difference between bivariate and multivariate analysisd) Generalizing their findings from the sample to the population
Question 10
Setting the p level at 0.01 increases the chances of making a:
a) Type I errorb) Type II errorc) Type III errord) All of the above

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