Current Management Issues class

I have an assignment for Current Management Issues class. i need you to read the file that i attached and then answer the questions at the end of the attached file in seperate two pages.
you must write two full pages to answer the questions.
i will attach the grading scale picture from the professor.
you must support your answers using outside resources, such as articles or books
below is the grading scale
CriteriaStrong3 pointsAverage2 pointsWeak1 pointIdentification of Main Issues/Problems
Identifies and demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the main issues/problems in the case study
Identifies and demonstrates a satisfactory understanding of most of the issues/problems
Identifies and demonstrates a limited understanding of the issues/problems in the case study
Analysis and Evaluation of Issues/Problems
Presents an insightful and thorough analysis of all identified issues/problems
Presents a thorough analysis of most of the issues identified
Presents a superficial or incomplete analysis of the identified issues
Recommendations on Effective Solutions/Strategies
Supports analysis and opinions with strong arguments and well-documented evidence; presents a balanced and critical view; interpretation is both reasonable and objective
Supports analysis and opinions with limited reasoning and evidence; presents a somewhat one-sided argument; demonstrates little engagement with ideas presented
Little or no action suggested and/or inappropriate solutions proposed to the issues in the case study
Integration with Course Readings and Additional Research
Makes appropriate and powerful connections between identified issues/problems and the concepts studied in the course readings and lectures; supplements case study with relevant and thoughtful research and documents all sources of information
Makes appropriate but somewhat vague connections between identified issues/problems and concepts studied in readings and lectures; demonstrates limited command of the concepts studied; supplements case study with limited research
Makes inappropriate or little connection between issues identified and the concepts studied in the readings; supplements case study, if at all, with incomplete research and documentation
Writing Mechanics and Formatting Guidelines
Demonstrates clarity, conciseness and correctness; formatting is appropriate and writing is free of grammar and spelling errors
Occasional grammar or spelling errors, but still a clear presentation of ideas; lacks organization
Writing is unfocused, rambling, or contains serious errors; poorly organized and does not follow specified guidelines
Overall ScoreLevel 314 or moreLevel 29 or moreLevel 10 or more

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