Develop a plan of nursing care for the person with an acute illness, identifying areas for collaboration with the family and other health disciplines

2803NRS Written AssignmentWord Count: 1500 wordsWeighting: 30%Due Date: Tuesday, 8th May, 2018 by 1700 hrsAim:The aim of this assignment is for students to demonstrate an understanding of the theoreticalknowledge to plan effective evidence-based, person-centred care for a client with an acutemedical or surgical condition, as part of the role of the Registered Nurse.This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes:1. Develop a plan of nursing care for the person with an acute illness, identifying areas forcollaboration with the family and other health disciplines;2. Demonstrate reflective, evidence-based nursing practices for clients with acutemedical/surgical conditions in a range of clinical settings, which is consistent with NMBAnursing standards;3. Demonstrate the principles of reflective practice;Task Description:For this task you need to write a 1500 word essay in which you discuss the assessment of apost-operative client (Mrs Grace Potter; see below) and develop a comprehensive care planto address the nursing care priorities including ONE priority which is EITHER Postoperativewound infection OR Post-operative deep vein thrombosis (DVT).Task Instructions:You MUST include the following information in your essay:Introduction (approximately 100 words)Introduction should contextualise and identify the aim of the assignment.Body (approximately 1300 words)1. Discuss the risk factors and pathophysiology of the chosen health concern for MrsPotter. (100 words)2. List and discuss four (4) components of an initial post-operative assessment you (RN)would undertake for Mrs Potter. Provide a rationale for each assessment relating toMrs Potter’s conditions and justify with evidence-based literature. (300 words)3. Identify TWO (2) priorities of nursing care to meet Mrs Potter’s needs identified inyour initial post-op assessment. Also provide a rationale for why these are a priority.One nursing care priority to be discussed must be DVT OR post-operative woundinfection prevention. (50 words each priority)4. Provide a comprehensive care plan to address the identified TWO (2) nursing carepriorities. Use evidence-based literature to justify why each intervention is likely tobe appropriate for Mrs Potter. (750 words)25. Use Gibb’s Reflective Cycle as a framework to demonstrate how you would reflect onthe process of managing the chosen post-op potential health concern and what youhave learnt from designing the plan. This section can be written in first person. (100words)Conclusion (approximately 100 words)The conclusion should give a brief summary of the main points of the essay. [Approx. 100words]NOTE:● You must support all sections of your essay with scholarly literature from the past 10years.PRESENTATION GUIDELINES:Please ensure that your submitted assignment:1. Includes an Assignment Title Page as per the Griffith Health Writing & ReferencingGuide.2. Is correctly formatted as per the Griffith Health Writing and Referencing formattingguidelines (e.g. spacing, page number, etc.), AND includes a correctly formattedreference list according to APA 6th edition. You do not need to include the markingcriteria with your submission.3. Is assembled into one document. Format file is to be MS Word only (.doc) or (.docx).4. Has uploaded successfully into the Submission Inbox. Retain a copy of the digital receiptfor the final assignment submission.5. Is submitted online via the relevant campus specific Turnitin submission point on thecourse site under the Assessment tab.* For more help with Turnitin Assignment submissions go to: TurnitinCLIENT SCENARIO:Mrs Grace Potter is a 67- year old woman who presented with rheumatoid arthritis of theright hip. She has been a client of her local General Practitioner and has been medicallymanaging her pain for the past 8 months. Due to worsening pain and decreasing mobility,Grace was referred to a surgical specialist and requires a total hip replacement (THR). Gracehas a history of hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and poorly managed Type 2 Diabetesrequiring oral hypoglycaemics.Grace is widowed and lives alone, but has a son who lives nearby and is in regular contact.Grace lives in her own home, which has six steps at the front, and is usually able to do all herown activities of daily living (ADLs) and household work independently. Recently Grace hasbeen having difficulty with her ADLs and with general mobility due to pain in her leg.Grace has just returned to the orthopaedic ward post total hip replacement (THR) surgery.She has IV Normal Saline 0.9% running. She is drowsy but rousable and is complaining ofpain (rating 7/10). Her vital signs on arrival to the ward are: BP 145/70, HR 105bpm, temp35.9 degrees, SpO2 99% on 8 litres of oxygen via a Hudson mask. She has a dressing on herright hip that is intact, but there is a small amount of blood oozing out. She has a Redi-vacdrain in situ that contains 50 mLs of frank coloured blood. She also has patient-controlledanalgesia (PCA) in situ. A Charnley pillow (foam abduction pillow) is used. You have beenallocated to care for Grace.3MARKING CRITERIAPOSSIBLEMARKINTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION Assignment has as an introduction that contextualises the assignment and identifiesthe aim of the assignment (5) (approximately 100 words) Has a concluding paragraph that summarises the overall assignment (5)(approximately 100 words) Does not introduce any new information or references in the conclusion/ 10CRITERION ONE: Overview of the Client Using scholarly literature, the risk factors and pathophysiology of the chosen healthconcern for Mrs Potter were clearly discussed (15) (approximately 100 words)/ 15CRITERION TWO: Comprehensive assessment Using scholarly literature, four (4) components of an initial post-operativeassessment the RN would undertake for Mrs Potter were identified and discussed(10) A rationale for each assessment relating to Mrs Potter’s conditions was providedand justified with evidence-based literature (approximately 300 words) (15)/ 25CRITERION THREE: Plan nursing care based on assessment of the client Using scholarly literature, TWO (2) priorities of nursing care to meet Mrs Potter’sneeds were identified in the initial post-op assessment Two nursing care priorities were discussed including ONE as DVT or post opwound infection (approximately 50 words each priority) (10) From the analysis of the literature reviewed, a comprehensive care plan to addressthe identified TWO (2) nursing care priorities was provided (10) Used evidence-based literature to justify why each intervention is likely to be anappropriate nursing intervention for Mrs Potter. Patient-centred care andconsideration of Mrs Potter’s dignity and choice was evident throughout the essay.(approximately 750 words) (10)/ 30CRITERION FOUR: Evaluation of care Used Gibb’s Reflective Cycle as a framework to demonstrate how you wouldreflect on the process of managing the chosen post-op potential health concern anddiscussed what you have learnt from it (100 words) (10)/ 10PRESENTATION and STRUCTUREConforms to the Assignment Presentation Formatting Guidelines:● Assignment title page (not university cover page) including name, student numberand word count (1)● Does not exceed maximum 1500 word limit (excess words will not be marked) (1)● Uses academic language throughout (1)● Correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure and paragraphs (2)/ 5REFERENCING● Essay is supported by no fewer than 10 different reference sources from recentscholarly literature (2)● Referencing formatted as per APA 6th Edition (3)/ 5TOTAL MARKS / 1004

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