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Describe the key skills they should strive to learn in this course.Social Science homework help

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Describe the key skills they should strive to learn in this course.Explain how they should expect to use those skills in their future academic, personal, and / or professional life.Recommend two (2) strategies for them to improve their writing skills and prepare for professional careersThis is a basic response 2 or 3 sentences, no response neededSociology Discussion: Wk 8During outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in 2014, many U.S. healthcare workers and military members were exposed to the contagious disease (see the New York Times’ article, “Ebola-Infected Health Care Worker in Dallas Took a Flight on Monday” for an example, located at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/16/us/ebola-infected-dallas-health-worker-was-on-flight.html?%20Here%20is%20an%20article%20for%20the%20military%20_r=0) . Use the Internet to locate one to two (1-2) other articles about this particular Ebola outbreak. Discuss your initial reaction to the news of the outbreak, citing one (1) article about the outbreak. Explain the effect that this has had on your current perception about public health policy.Response for this student: ” Patrick Sawyer, a naturalized American citizen who worked in Liberia, flew to Nigeria intending to attend a conference. After exhibiting symptoms upon arrival July 20, he was hospitalized and died on July 25. He’s the first American to die in the outbreak, though two other U.S. aid workers in Liberia have contracted Ebola and are being treated.” (CNN, what you need to know) When someone starts to experience Ebola, they begin to experience symptoms of fever, muscle pain, weakness, headaches and sore throat. These symptoms would appear 2-21 days after the infection. These patients may also have developed red eyes, a rash, chest pain, difficulty with swallowing and breathing. The early stages of Ebola would have caused diarrhea, vomiting, impaired kidney/ liver functions. “Ebola patients are being isolated by health officials in West Africa, and those who have come into contact with them are being told to monitor their temperatures.” (CNN, what you need to know) In Liberia they acted in their own hands, President Sirleaf closed their borders. He also ordered hotels, venues, and restaurants to make it mandatory to watch a five-minute video on the safety of Ebola. When I first hear of Ebola, I can honestly say I was not so worried about it. The reason was that this was happening in a country I had never gone to and it was affecting Americans but not in the part of the United States where I lived. As I wrote those last two sentences, I realize how arrogant and naive I was because if that were to happen now, I probably would be beyond worried and not be able to sleep at night.    

This Ebola epidemic that occurs in western Africa has shown us that public health and public ethics is something more than a local issue, but it is a global problem. Public health requires somethings like, Bioethics Commission to create recommendations to support practices and policies. I believe they have learned how to monitor the situations, coordinate efforts with not only local but also state, and federal public health groups. To educate the medical staff with providing training exercises, national calls, have up to date information, include screenings and care of the sick patients. 


http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs103/en/Reply Quote Email Author  Discussion: Wk 9Use the Internet to research the population of your community or town. City-Data , is a great Website to get you started. Identify whether you town is growing or declining. Describe at least one (1) sociological aspect that can be attributed to this change, The City is , Durham NC Response for Student:I live in a little town called Manteca, CA. We have a population of 73,494 people. I am twenty-Four years old, and I have lived in this city probably sixteen out of those twenty-four years. What I remember the most is looking outside our house and seeing fields of trees or fields of cows. There was not much here but one Wal-Mart, a Target, and maybe five grocery stores. Manteca is doing nothing but growing.

In Manteca to buy a house, it cost about $379,990+ as in San Francisco a house cost about $675,000+, of course, there are cheaper houses in both places, but you are not only paying for the room but also for the area you want to be in. I believe the reason for why Manteca is growing is because everyone from the Bay Area is moving to the Central Valley. The houses are cheaper, we have good schools and a lot more things. The growth is also happening because with all the people moving in the town it’s making more buisnesses move in as well. We got a Costco, Joann, DD’S, Zizzler and many more places. With in the next few moths I see Manteca getting bigger than what it already is. Please send discussion a couple of ines and then a response to student. A couple of lines. Thanks


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