Discuss digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Rights and Responsibilities
assignment:Respond to posting in one or more of the following ways:Directly address your classmate’s ranking of the nine elements of digital citizenship by either defending or refuting their claims.Ask additional probing or clarifying questions with regards to your classmate’s rankings and choice of theory.Share an insight you gained from reading the colleague’s posting and study.Validate a classmate’s comment swith your own experience.
post:ripple (2012) suggested that these nine skills are essential when it comes to digital citizenship and need to be taught in school. My work has the following ranking when it comes to these skills and they are:
1. Digital Security
2. Digital Literacy
3. Digital Communication
4. Digital Law
5. Digital Etiquette
6. Digital Rights and Responsibilities
7. Digital Health and Wellness
8. Digital Access
9. Digital CommerceLodico, Spaulding, & Voegtle (2010) suggested that people bring their own experiences to the workplace and that’s what helps them learn from other employees. As a training team we need to get to know these new employees in meaningful ways so that we can create better training modules for the employees.
One such dissertation that I found was about how the effectiveness of the leadership at a school in Mississippi. Zhong (2016) mentioned Piaget and Vygotsky theories of how people learn and how using constructivism gives a much deeper learning environment when these are applied to the training compared to the old ways of training in a traditional classroom or from a Power Point presentation.
The team that I work with loves to work collaboratively, we get people that are experts in their fields when we are creating a training module. For example, if we were creating training that involves medicine we bring in an expert from the medical field to help with creating the training.
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