Discuss the diferent types oF approaches For both de±ning and measuring intelligence and achievement.

Please make each DQ queston 250 Words250 WordsDiscuss the diferent types oF approaches For both de±ning and measuring intelligence and achievement.Discuss some oF the controversies in this area. Is it possible to create a culture-Fair test?250 WordsCompare and contrast the three components oF Elkind’s adolescent egocentrism: 1) imaginary audience,and 2) personal Fable, with Piaget’s Formal operaTonal thought. Discuss both cogniTve and physicalchanges that occur during these stages.250 WordsAdolescents someTmes succumb to peer pressure and parTcipate in at-risk behaviors. Speculate onreasons that peer pressure can lead an adolescent to parTcipate in harmFul behaviors. What can adultsdo to reduce the likelihood oF adolescents succumbing to peer pressure and parTcipaTng in theseharmFul behaviors? What is the responsibility oF organizaTons (schools, churches) to reduce negaTvepeer pressure?250 WordsScholarly research must be “aligned.” What does it mean that research is aligned? Use the GCU Libraryto locate an empirical study on the topic you are interested in researching (Use the Empirical ResearchChecklist to determine iF a study is empirical). Give the APA-Forma²ed citaTon For arTcle along with thePermalink. Is the study you selected aligned? Why or why not?250 WordsDiscuss how at risk behaviors oF adolescents can impact what happens during adulthood. What cansocial organizaTons (schools, churches, etc.) do to reduce these at risk behaviors and the afect theyhave on a person’s development?250 Words

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