Discuss you chosen psychotherapy and overarching treatment plan for the patient’s DSM primary diagnosis.

Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to examine the process of choosing anappropriate theory, model, and psychotherapy treatment plan with intervention(s)to achieve expected therapeutic outcomes for a patient (pt) with a well-diagnosedDSM diagnosis.In this assignment, students should choose one (1) pt from their clinical site(s).
Grading:While the point system below is used to objectively grade your Psychotherapypaper, emphasis will be on your ability to clearly present pertinent informationand integrate what you have learned through readings, class materials, and otherscholarly sources.• Writing in APA is a requirement in this paper and also a requirement of. See APA rubric.• Page limits are included in this paper to assist students in writingparsimoniously and including required information.
PsychotherapyPaperCriteria Levels ofAchievementAPA See APA Rubric 0 – 10 PointsTitleAbstractAdd title of your paperExample: NURS 526: Cognitive Behavioral Therapyin A Person with DepressionOne (1) page in length – See APA book.0 – 5 PointsAbstract is in paragraph form and includes one (1)Summary sentence of each of the followingsections:• Introduction,• Presenting Chief Complaint,• Pertinent History,• DSM Diagnostic Analysis,• Psychotherapy Treatment Plan,• Theory and Model Application,• Specific Interventions, and• Expected Outcomes.Be parsimonious – 1 page in length.Psychotherapy Paper Rubric 2Introduction Introduces the paper by discussing a briefoverview of the psychiatric diagnosis, whichincludes• global, national, and state prevalenceinformation to support your discussion.Be parsimonious – 1/2 page in length.0 – 10 PointsPresentingChiefComplaintDiscusses the basics of what brought the patientinto treatment at your clinical site.• The focus should be both from the pt’sperspective (one sentence with quotes) andthe PMHNP perspective.Be parsimonious – 1/2 page in length.0 – 10 PointsPertinentHistory ofPresentMental-IllnessDiscuss pertinent psychiatric information related topatient’s chief complaint and include only• pertinent significant events,• psychiatric medication(s),• past psychiatric history,• family history, and• social history.Be parsimonious – 1/2 page in length.0 – 10 PointsDSMDiagnosticAnalysisExplores the primary DSM diagnostic features anddiscusses how you ruled-out differential diagnosesto obtain the primary DSM diagnosis.• This analysis discusses how this patient’ssymptoms met the diagnostic criteria foryour final primary DSM diagnosis, and howyour ruled-out other differential diagnoses.• The primary diagnosis needs to includedisorder subtypes and/or specifiers asappropriate.Be parsimonious – 1 page in length.0 – 10 PointsPsychotherapyTreatment PlanDiscuss you chosen psychotherapy and overarchingtreatment plan for the patient’s DSM primarydiagnosis.• This analysis exemplifies your evidencebasedunderstanding of your psychotherapytreatment plan for your patient with her/hisprimary DSM diagnosis.Be parsimonious – 1 page in length.0 – 10 PointsPsychotherapy Paper Rubric 3Theory andModelApplicationDiscuss both the theoretical and modelunderpinnings for this patient’s psychotherapy.• Discuss how your chosen psychotherapymethod is the most appropriate choice basedon current evidence-based practice.Be parsimonious – 1 page in length.0 – 10 PointsSpecificInterventionsRestate your overarching psychotherapy treatmentplan in one sentence, followed by a discussion ofspecific interventions for your treatment plan.Be parsimonious – 1 page in length.0 – 10 PointsExpectedTherapeuticOutcomesDiscuss you expected therapeutic outcomes foreach of your specific interventions.• Then, discuss you overarchingpsychotherapy treatment outcome.Be parsimonious – 1 page in length.0 – 10 PointsReferences This section should contain appropriate referencesfrom your course readings,• At least two (2) relevant scholarly articlesless than 5 years old,• At least one (1) psychiatric practiceguideline(s). Guidelines for psychiatricpractice can be found in a variety ofdisciplines such as nursing, psychiatry,social work, and/or psychology.0 – 5 Points

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