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100 or more words with reference“The Lord demands accurate scales and balances; he sets the standards for fairness,” (Proverbs 16:11, NLT). Setting classroom rules or behavior standards, as they are labeled by Jones & Jones (2016), is a process that involves considering what will make your space the best environment for learning. In my past experience as a teacher in a structured preschool environment, I would make 5 simple rules that were easy for my little ones to grasp. We would rehearse them daily and they caught on rather quickly. I am now a second-grade classroom teacher. I have learned how to increase student responsibility and contributions to class by allowing them to create the rules that we all agree are appropriate for our classroom. During the first week of school the students were able to state their classroom rules suggestions. I made it a point to help them by positively stating all of the rules (Jones & Jones, 2016). I guess the word rules made them feel that each one had to start with the word “no.” Going forward I will be sure to use the term behavior standards or norms. I believe that the rules that the students came up with are aligned with my expectations for the classroom to be a safe and orderly space where all students are treated well and learn in a manner that best fits them. I find it necessary that classroom behavior standards must first promote order. The students are learning to socialize and they have to learn socially acceptable behaviors like keeping a low volume on your voice while in doors so that you do not disturb others. Basic conversational norms are also included to show students how to talk and listen to each other. Standards should also promote safety. Students should be conducting themselves in a way that will not bring harm to themselves or others. I also feel that classroom rules should promote a good sense of community and appreciation for your resources. Rehearsing and reinforcing behavior standards helps them to become routine and second nature for the students. After a while, the goal is to have them speaking the classroom behavior standards to each other and keeping themselves accountable. Finally, our classroom rules are as follows:Be Kind to one another.Raise your hand to speak.Stay in your seat.Listen Carefully.Take care of your resources.These are our basic rules that I may need to add to being that I have a rowdy bunch this school year. I may also need to employ the idea of a behavior contract with the students.ReferencesLiberty University Custom: Jones, V., & Jones, L. (2016). Comprehensive classroom management; Creating communities of support and solving problems (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
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