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A. When engaged in program planning, it is essential that health educators use an evidence-based planning model. By doing so, health educators are able to ensure that they are appropriately addressing their target population needs. Additionally, by using evidence-based approaches, health educators are able to align health communication campaign goals and objectives to promote positive health behavior.
For this Assignment, review program planning models explored in the earlier courses throughout your health education program. Then, reflect on and select which program planning model might be most appropriate for your health communication campaign.
The Assignment: (2–3 pages)
Describe the program planning model that you selected for your health communication campaign and explain why.
Provide a rationale as to why this model is most appropriate for your long-term health communication campaign.
Explain how using this program planning model will contribute to the effectiveness of your health communication campaign.
Explain which behavioral constructs you might use in the design of your health communication campaign. Be specific and provide examples.
B. Press releases are one of the easiest ways to notify the public of important health information. Press releases are usually sent to newspapers, radio stations, and other media based agencies where information is to be released to the public. There are many benefits for using press releases. These include:
Announcing an event, schedule, study, campaign, or a workshop
Telling people why you think this health related issue or topic is important
Showing your perspective on the development of a certain health issue
Increasing the visibility of your health program or your health communication campaign
Reminding people what your group or organization does and how active in the community you are
Allowing you to highlight or summarize health-related information
For this Assignment, review the Community Toolbox article provided in this week’s resources. Then, consider how you might develop a press release for your health communication campaign.The Assignment: (1–2 pages)
Create a written press release for your health communication campaign. The press release should address who, what, when, where, and how regarding your health communication campaign.
Required Readings
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“Stage 3: Implementing the Program” (pp. 91–105)
Making health communication programs work. Retrieved from: http://www.cancer.gov
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My choice of health communication campaign would be the prevention campaign against HIV/AIDS, through the mass media. The campaign will help people have an increase in knowledge about sex, change of sexual behaviors, improve in risk perception, as well as criticism of hypothetically risky social norms. The campaign aims to utilize television, radio, as well as other ideally means a fragment of the multi-level exertions.
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