explain why is word of mouth more likely to be effective than personal selling or advertising?

Consumers would be better off with the elimination of intermediaries. Select between direct, retailer or wholesaler channel of distribution for “The Baby Cry Translator”, an electronic device that tells parents what is the baby’s problem when s/he cries. What market, product and producer factors support your decision?What level of distribution intensity (see pp. 460-463) seems more appropriate for each of the following consumer products: M & M chocolates, the Iphone 7, Rolls-Royce cars, Godiva chocolates. Support your answers How are the levels of distribution intensity related to the consumer product classes discussed in the text: convenience, shopping, specialty and unsought. Price represents the amount of money that buyers have to give up in order to acquire the products that they want. Read the Dell Story. What factors, discussed in chapter 19 of your text, could you identify in the story as affecting pricing and how? Based on the factors that affect the promotional mix, decide on which is the most important element of the promotional mix for the following products. Justify your decision based on several factors (see pp. 592-598). M&M chocolates A Rolls Royce Laptops for large companies Using the Communication Process Model, explain why is word of mouth more likely to be effective than personal selling or advertising? Using the Communication Process Model, explain how could digital (internet) advertising be more effective than traditional advertising

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