PART 1: Comment on ONE (1) other presentation featuring a different agency than the one you selected.
PART 2: Post a slide presentation (for example PowerPoint or Prezi) of at least 10 slides
You can choose any federal (not state) level Executive Department, Independent Agency, Government Corporation, Board, Commission of Quasi-Official Agencies that you find using:
www.usa.gov/federal-agencies  – the government’s official listing of all agencies A- Z
Agencies and the number of employees: 
You can use FedScope to find the number of current employees.  Firefox is the only browser that works to access this data!  
FedScope Instructions.pdf
Your slides should include all of the following elements, and including photos, illustrations or tables as appropriate:
1. The title for your post should be the full name of the agency, department or commission you selected and the year it was established.
2. Identify the number of employees and the number of branch or regional offices, if any, for your agency, department or commission. State the dollar amount of this entity’s budget for one of most recent two years. Use FedScope for this information (see instruction attached)
3.  State the mission statement of your agency, department or commission. And, state what type of entity it is. Is it a cabinet department, regulatory commission, independent agency, something else?
4. Who is the head of the entity and what is his or her professional and educational background? Include both education and work history. If this entity is headed by a commission, who is the chair?
5. Name and describe one important piece of work or legislation for which that entity is primarily responsible. How does it do that work? For example, does the agency make rules and regulations? Conduct inspections? Enforces the rules through some action? For example, the Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the Clean Air Act.
6. How does that work that entity conducts affect the lives of Americans? Is this an entity you would like to work for and why or why not?
Fedscope and the agency’s website should be your sources of information. Wikipedia is never an allowed source and all sources must pass the TRAAP test.
Style –  Include one slides with hotlinks and citations for each piece of data regarding the agency that you include in your paper. Just a hotlink with no other information is insufficient. At a minimum, you must include the full URL, web page owner information, title of the web page.
**Style: In this case style means how well did you use the features in PowerPoint, Prezi – or your chosen presentation software. Features such as color, pictures, transitions, etc
**Grammar- because this is a presentation you have the latitude to use bullet points (and hence fragment sentences)

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