Find and describe four businesses/ngos/government programs that aid in getting organic certification and bringing coffee to the international market.

Anthropology Essay- Ethnography
Social Science
The paper will be ten double-spaced pages in length. There are no required number of references, but you must give appropriate credit for ideas and words that are not your own.
The paper is based on your reading of one ethnography. You may choose any ethnography from this list:
1)A house of my own: social organization in the squatter settlements of lima, peru by susan lobo (making a living in urban peru)
2) Families of the forest by alan johnson (lifestyle of the matsigenka amazonian natives) fulltext online: 3) from the bush: the frontline of health care a caribbean village by marsha quinlan (traditional medicine and health care in a rural caribbean village)
4) Yanomamo: last days of eden by napolean chagnon (encroachment of “civilization” on the yanomamo amazonian natives)
5)From mukogodo to maasai : ethnicity and cultural change in kenya by lee cronk (culture change among rural east african foragers)
6)The mountain people by colin turnbull (a failed development program in rural east africa)
7)Weekend warriors : alcohol in a micronesian culture by mac marshall (drunkenness on the island of truk in micronesia).
The paper will have three parts: (1) an overview of the culture group described in the ethnography ( not a book review) (about 3 pages); (2) a “needs” and “resource” assessment based on the ethnographic description (3page); (3) a proposed development project that meets one or more of the needs described (3 page); and (4) a list and brief description of 4 funding sources.
Read one of the ethnographies found on the course syllabus page, identify the population’s needs, resources, and propose a development project that meets one or more of the needs integrating the resources available.
Three parts
An overview of the culture: this is not a book review but will cover the population’s demographics, language, cultural “basics” (e.g., mode of subsistence, marriage and inheritance systems) and cultural history (e.g., history of contact witheuropeans, recent migrations/issues.) I recommend using outside sources to supplement information in the book. Often, wikipedia has reliable information on these groups that has more up-to- date information. Imagine as if someone paid you to visit these populations and provide a general overview of their culture, population size, and cultural history. If you can link together your overview with later sections (e.g., such needs are not surprising given a history of numerous forced migrations)
A needs & resource assessment
Needs this is similar to what you did for your community. Instead of interviewing people however, you will get the needs based upon the ethnographer’s observations. Given your readings, what are the most pressing needs of thepopulation, or segment of the population? Why are the needs you have chosen most pressing? Make sure to provide examples from the book that shine light on these needs. (e.g.,domestic violence is rampant within the group. The author recounts a story where………..”
What are the resources available to the community? Resources can be anything that has potential to help the community,especially in terms of your proposed development project. Examples of resources: proximity to resources that can be soldabroad (e.g., coffee, baskets); health clinics/schools, even if run down or in distant locations. Your development project couldinclude making access to these resources more feasible (e.g., fixing/stocking health clinics).again, try to provide examples frombooks relating to these resources (e.g., the author observes that the area would be good for growing……..)
A development project
This development project must meet one or more of the needs you discussed. Integrate one or more of the resources you identified in the project. Identify four possible ngo’s/businesses/government entities that could aid in implementing your development project.
A (very) simple example of development project:
Need: food to decrease infant mortality
Resources: a climate conducive to coffee growing and a women’s organization
(Note that you would have to discuss the needs and resources above in some detail. Simple bullet points will not get you a good grade.)
Development project:
Write an outline grant proposal to ngo concerned with female empowerment (e.g., providing training forgrowing/harvesting coffee). Petition a government program that provides agricultural aid (e.g., clearing fields, fertilizer). Find and describe four businesses/ngos/government programs that aid in getting organic certification and bringing coffee to the international market.

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