“Freedom is perhaps the most resonant, deeply held American value… Yet freedom turns out to mean being left alone by others, not having other people’s values, ideas, or styles of life forced upon one, being free of arbitrary authority in work, family, and political life… If the entire social world is made up of individuals, each endowed with the right to be free of others’ demands, it becomes hard to forge bonds of attachment to, or cooperation with, other people, since such bonds would imply obligations that necessarily impinge on one’s freedom.” The author builds upon this concept by stating that “most ethical virtues are treated as matters of personal preference. The basic ethical rule is that individuals be able to pursue whatever they find rewarding as long as they do not interfere with the actions and values of others.” (pg. 55). The author then notes that such self-interest is akin to the child-like Level 1 stage of moral growth. Respond to the dilemma of developing shared moral norms in a pluralistic (i.e. engagingly diverse) society, and b) what impact does this have on business values, business trends, and ethical decisions within business settings.

A). Having freedom has two sides, on one side it gives the individual the complete strength to follow his/her dreams and achieve anything possible. On the other side, it could also mean being left alone as you are not having other people s values, ideas or styles of life, this would mean that you are completely different from all the other, hence resulting in feeling alone. It is very important in a diverse society that one can follow his own morals or principles as long as you do not interfere with the values and actions of others. One should make sure that having his/her own freedom of action does not hamper the relationships with the people around you.
B). When it comes to business values or trends and ethical decisions, it extrememy important for one to understand the values and actions of the other person, respect that only then takes your action to your morals and principles. Since, business happens between two people, if one only cares about his values, totally ignoring the other person’s values, this could have catastrophic effects. Hence, it is important to have your own business values as long as you can respect and understand the values of your business client as well.
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