Fundamental Plane and Dimensionality Reduction

you should us Python!1. Fundamental Plane and Dimensionality Reduction
Table 3 of Bernardi et al. (2003) gives data for a sample of nine thousand elliptical galaxies.….125.1817B…
Figure out how to download and read the data in Table 3. Then:
Plot the data in whatever ways seem helpful to you to explore what is going on.
Try PCA analysis (see the Astronomy Machine Learning book) and any other ways to
look for correlations amongst all the parameters given. (Not the uncertainties marked
by a lower case delta). Descrive your results in words and make plots to show your
Try to fit the Fundamental Plane using the data.
See if the number of the neighbors has an effect on the properties of galaxies.
Look at the later paper by the same authors on the Fundamental Plane….125.1866B
and see how your results compare. What did you neglect from your analysis that is
important according to that paper?
Use the dynamical friction equation given in class (or look it up) to estimate the lifetime
of a 3 billion solar mass black hole that starts at a distance of 10 kpc in the Milky Way
Describe in a short (1-2 page) essay with citations what you expect will happen when
M31 and Andromeda collide.
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