homework 99

Answer all questions fully. Answers shall summarize the requested information in a readable format where applicable. Fully cite your source of information at the beginning of the assignment, then explain in your own words the requested information as applicable. All work must be your own, sharing of work is a violation of academic integrity. Neatness (spelling, grammar and appearance) counts.Short Answer (1 point)1. In designing a building, the first and most critical step is determining the ___________.2. Buildings in which multiple uses occur are called ___________________.3. Describe three methods used by the model codes to address buildings in which multiple uses occur.4. Name three types of buildings that have special use and occupancy requirements:5. What impact do the packaging method and packaging materials have on the Group Fclassification?6. Under what circumstances can age be used as a determining factor in determining theuse and occupancy of a building?7. Does a fire inspector have the authority to order the installation of a sprinkler system in a building that has been illegally changed from a warehouse to a nightclub? Why or why not? Justify your answer.8. When used in describing construction types protected means _____________.9. According to the North Carolina Building Code, noncombustible unprotected construction is classifiedas type __________.10. According to the North Carolina Building Code, heavy timber construction is classified as type _______.11. What four elements are used by the model building codes to establish limits on building height and area?12. Rated assemblies and components are tested under fire conditions prescribed by the ___________.13. What is the primary difference between a fire wall and a fire barrier?14. Fire-resistance ratings for listed assemblies are expressed in terms of _________ . Is the fire-resistance rating of an assembly a good indicator of its actual performance under fire conditions? Why or why not? Justify your answer.Discussion Questions (3 points)a. Does the current occupancy reflect the use group assigned to the building?b. How does the use group affect fire safety and evacuation planning?c. Is the defend in place strategy proposed by the director compatible with the built-in fire safety features of the building?2. The management of a condominium apartment complex has applied for a permit to operate a place of assembly. A seating plan for the second floor of the “community swim club building” showing 287 folding chairs with adequate aisles and exits is attached to the application. Before leaving the office for the inspection you review the file and find the following information:1234 Any Street2 Stories,nonsprinkleredGross floor area 7200 sq. ft./ floora. Is the building’s use group classification appropriate for the intended use?b. What steps must the management take to legally establish a place of assembly?c. Is there anything about the building’s size or construction that would preclude the establishment of a place of assembly in this building?
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