How did ancient societies understand and use the categories of male and female?

Assignment: Throughout the quarter, we have examined the lives of women in a variety of different civilizations. We have analyzed how they are portrayed in historical documents, artifacts, and writings by past and current historians and archaeologists.
For your final mastery assignment, you are going to choose one of the theme questions below, and write a 2-3 page response (typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font) answering the question, creating your own unique thesis statement. You will be expected to use documents to support your thesis, as well as include at least three of the civilizations we have studied in class to help argue your thesis. You will be expected to have an introduction paragraph, a conclusion paragraph, and body paragraphs that are broken down by your supporting points. You are encouraged to use our class documents and articles as well as conduct your own outside research to gain further insight and find more varied source materials.
Option 1: How did ancient societies understand and use the categories of male and female?
Option 2: How did gender categories intersect with social stratification in society?
Option 3: How should we interpret the actions and representations of women in surviving literature, myth, art, law, philosophy, politics and medicine in this light? (You may answer this question with one of the examples mentioned, or multiple. I would not suggest all of them at once.)
Outline Sample:
Introduction:1. Intro statement2. Background information3. Thesis statement (including your supporting points)
Body Paragraph 1:1. Supporting point2. Evidence from text3. Explanation/analysis
Body Paragraph 2:1. Supporting point2. Evidence from text3. Explanation/analysis
Conclusion:1. Restate your thesis in different words2. Sum up main points3. Leave your reader with an intriguing thought
Below Standard (1-2) Meets Standard (3-4) Exceptional (5)Presentation of Thesis Thesis is weak and does not take a position Thesis makes sense but lacks clarity or focus; not specific enough; does not present supporting points within the statement(s) Present a clear and decisive thesis statement that illustrates what the text will be aboutSupporting Details/Evidence Lack of supporting details/evidence Adequate supporting evidence is used to support argument, but either uses only 1 or 2 pieces of evidence or the evidence is not quite appropriate for the argument being made; areas in which evidence could be used to further the writer’s point are not utilized Provide clear and specific supporting points using evidence from the text (at least 3) that is appropriate to the responses/arguments the writer is making; makes important connections to their thesis
Analysis/Interpretations Analysis is weak or lacking; does not attempt to address the details presented or make connections Examples are explained or analyzed, but could have more elaboration or detail added. Not at writer’s full potential. Explain/analyze these examples using writer’s own interpretations and views that are fully elaborated on; high level connections are made from the evidence to the thesis statementFormat/Structure/Mechanics Formatting is not adhered to (font, double space, etc); various spelling and grammar errors are present; unprofessional final product turned in Several errors are made throughout, sentence structure/formatting slightly off; writer may not have thoroughly proofread their work The writer follows the formatting- Times New Roman, size 12, double space, 1 in margin; no spelling/grammar errors, sentence structure/formatting is correct; professional work is submitted
Total = _____ / 20 Mastery Points

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