How to write an outline essay

I have to write an outline for an essay assignment I will have to do. Its on the Prohibition era and its based off a document set that was given to me. also it is based off a thesis staement i wrote last week.This is the instructions/grading for it:Regardless of format, your essay must provide a paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown of your essay’s structure. You must tell your reader (me!) what will happen in each paragraph. Which primary source will you mention? What will you use it to illustrate? Which section of your secondary source will you use to contextualize it? What will you say in your introduction? In your conclusion? Most importantly, what is the title of your essay?You will be assigned a numerical score between 0 and 10. To interpret, please see the rubric below, in addition to whatever comments I add. And please remember that more detailed feedback is always available upon request.10: Detailed outline with a logical structure, a compelling title and relevant references to all primary and secondary sources. Devoid of mechanical errors. Promise of an extremely strong finished essay.9: Detailed outline with a logical structure, appropriate title and relevant references to all primary and secondary sources. No more than a handful of minor mechanical errors.8. Detailed outline with a logical structure and relevant references to most primary and secondary sources. Noticeable but non-catastrophic mechanical errors.7. Detailed outline with a mostly logical structure and generally relevant references to most primary and secondary sources. Significant mechanical errors.6. Complete outline, missing or misunderstood references to primary and secondary sources. Significant mechanical errors.0-5: Incomplete, misunderstood, error-ridden, etc.MY THESIS STATEMENT:The temperance movement was a social movement in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that was against the consumption of alcoholic beverages.The article, “A Hasty Defense of the Farmers and Distilleries of York Country” states how essential whisky was during the time of the prohibition. Whisky was used for many beneficial purposes. Also, if it were abolished entirely, the U.S would resort to foreign countries to supply liquor in its place which would leave the U.S proportionally destitute.Given the societal and economic benefits of alcohol, it is easy to see why the temperance movement failed. Those wishing to consume alcohol would find a way to do so in one manner or another. Rather than have these people frequent speakeasies and underground distilleries, the government can benefit from taxing and regulating alcohol. These taxes and regulations correlate into a financial benefit for the government and ensure that the alcohol consumed is safe when consumed in moderation.
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