Identify The Following 1 The Legal Issues Involved In These Facts 2 State What Y

Identify the following(1) the legal issues involved in these facts; (2) state what you think would be the probable resolution of these issues would be; and (3) explain any ethical implications that you can identify. Work in groups. Every fact below can be used for somethingeven the variable distance from shore of St. Olaf’s Hole. Organize your work before you begin to write. Word process your paper 68 pp., bright, white paper, with black print, one inch margins, Verdana 14 pt., 1 spacing in Word. Staple in the upper left hand cornerno covers needed. Do not forget the acronym, KISSthink first, organize, then write.ON-LINE CLASSJust make sure your type face is 14 pt Arial; you can ignore the rest of the instructions for paper copies.Don’t get terrified. No one ever gets all the details and answers right. It’s impossible. It works out well and you’ll find you learn a lot.I. FACTS. Recently, information about Mrs. Prudence Whittaker had appeared in the town of Moulin Noir, Vermont. It was scurrilous, apparently true, old, and known to only four peopleAbe, Benny, Cinderella, and Daphneall prior employees of Pru’s. Pru was deeply hurt and was certain that one of her antique, but none so servile, contemporaries, “the dirty four” as she called them, had spilled the beans. As she was walking down the street, she saw Abe, halted him, began screaming at him, and demanded that he retract what he had said about her. Poor Abe had just gotten out of the mental hospital and knew nothing of the situation. (Parenthetically, he was in for depression and being screamed at by his ex-wife, Patience.) Along came Cindy who tried to restrain Pru, verbally, and, as Pru swung her umbrella at her, physically. Their ensuring tussle resulted in more screaming and in the intervention of Benny who was Cindy’s brother and married to Daphne. When Benny intervened, the umbrella tip was inserted into his body and caused severe damage. Cindy and Abe helped Benny get to the hospital. Pru ran offcompletely enraged!!!Not knowing where she was, Pru got into the seedier part of town, stopped in a bar, bought herself a drink, and just happened to meet a gang of local lumberjacks. She explained her dilemma to them, and they “sympathized” with her; she wished that “that awful group were all dead”. At this point, six of these ruffians got up and left. They went to find the “dirty four”, but they could only find Daphne since the other three were on the way to the hospital. They found a way to “fix” her car. Later, Daphne crashed into a semi on the way to the hospital and was seriously injured. Pru was ecstatic, went back to the bar, and inquired of the six if they had “helped” her; the sadistic sextet smiled back sharkishly; and she accidentally dropped some packets of $100 bills so that each one of the six got about $1,000.The next day, Benny’s nephew, John K. Lutz (a/k/a “Klutzie”), was coming to visit his beloved and only living relatives in the hospital. He was driving his brand new Mazda Miata in excess of the speed limit in an area through which he had sped many times before. He came upon a school bus stopped to pick up handicapped (physically and mentally) children. Although he hit none of them, some of them were injured as the wheel chairs and crutches went flying in the rush to avoid Miata Missile; the bus driver was so startled that he involuntarily released the brake, the bus resumed its forward progress, and it struck some of the dodging students. Needless to say, they went to the same hospital as the antique quartet. The next day, one of them identified “Klutzie” who was walking his pet wolverine, “Jaws”, on a leash in the hospital corridor. A dumb, but handsome, male nurse, Cary, reached down to pet “Jaws”, and “Jaws” snacked on his hand and forearm.
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