Identity Collage and Essay

For this assignment you will create a identity collage.IDENTITY COLLAGEIn this assignment you will need to create a collage using magazine pictures, clip art, graphics, photos, phrases, words and possible artifacts. you can either do it online or take pictures, and provide a link or scan. It may be easier to Do this assignment all online using tables and/or other software that you have access to. Or you can make a poster, photograph, it if large, put it on line or scan it and put it on line or provide a link to your project.You will need to combine in a creative manner the information required below and provide a 200 word minimum explanation in your post of what you have placed in your collage and why it represents you. Do this in an essay format – no short answers. Be sure to use correct grammar and proofread a couple of times for accuracy. An Identity Collage is a collage of your cultural aspects and your interaction and place in a global world.Here are the areas to cover. Remember: Relate everything to YOU personally. You may think of others:Technology & travel, Business/job/work/college/school, Availability of natural resources (water, electricity, gas, trash disposal, etc.) Environmental challenges Immigration (DACA), Age differences (family-extended family-neighborhood-work) Multicultural involvement, Language(s) Communication challenges, Your history (the good, the bad and the ugly),My information and picture is below. You will need to get additional pictures to add to the collage Nationality – Brown American BirthplaceLos AngelesCountries/cultures of grandparents and before, America Religion, none Values, Family Involvement (origin and new) Parents are Separated raised by my Mother and Grandfather who is a Veteran. I have 4 siblings and 2 dogs Future plans, To get my AA in Liberal ArtsTo become a Safty Manager Legends, Robin Hood.myths,Hercules proverbs, A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. folktales,Goldilocks and the Three Bears art, dance, I like to dance on just dance video game music,I like rock, soft rock, hip hop, and Mass media, I am interested and have acess to mass media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet InternetI spend most of my time on the intenet Sports/Activity sportsBasketball Spurs HobbiesWorking Out watching anime ,and playing video games Your history (the good, the bad and the ugly)Graduated from military school with honorsgot my green belt in Karate Attached is one picture that I want included in the collage also attached
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