In this activity, you will have the opportunity to prepare for an interview based on a real job ad posting. To get your head in the game, read this short article in the BSC Virtual Library: 3 key questions to ask yourself before a job interview (Galda, 2015). It offers perspective from a hiring manager on the kinds of questions and answers you can expect. Find a current job posting that interests you and one you feel you are qualified for on the web, newspaper, etc. Research the company and its interview process. Research what kind of interview process this company uses. For example, in the job listing, they may have stated “pre-employment drug screening” or “aptitude testing conducted on all applicants.” In addition, you should look for clues about the company’s interview process. You can find this information in any of their job postings. Read several listings and note the common language. You might find that this company offers job shadowing, behavior-based questioning (Quintessential Careers, n.d.), or group interviews. This is great information to glean from your research. Submit at minimum a 2 page, double-spaced summary detailing your expectations for a specific job interview that includes: Your company research Explain why you feel you are qualified for the job How you would prepare for the interview Five questions you would ask

Best Buy Company.
Best Buy Company is a provider of technology, services, and solutions. It offers products and services to its customers visiting its stores, involving themselves in Greek squad agents or those using its website or press, Greek Respective mobile applications. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Moreover, the company has two segments of operation, the Domestic and International segments. The Domestic segments include the operation in all states, districts, and territories of the United States. The company’s brand names include Best Buy Mobile, Best Buy Direct, Best Buy Express, Greek Squad, Pacific Kitchen and home.
Interview process Best Buy Company
The company does its interviews through the telephone in addition to it’s in person interviews with the assistant manager and the manager. Once a candidate has been hired, he waits for a period not more than 3 hours for the induction. Moreover, once the candidate is on board, they rely mostly on e-learning for shadowing an existing employee.
Some of the Interview Questions
Would you report someone if they were stealing?
How have you handled difficult customers?
Name positives and negatives of working as a team
Moreover, Best Buy Company carries out drug test among its employees. Some of the drugs tested include marijuana, Opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP (Phencyclidine and their respective traces. Moreover, alcohol is as well part of their testing process though it’s a substance that is mainly focused on by the drug screen.
Here is a quick run through of a typical application scenario in this company:
Online Application
Anyone interested in any post in Best Buy begins by filing out an online form following a given job application for instance managing director of Accenture’s retail practice in this case. After this, one has to wait or phone call for an in person interview.
Interview with the Manager
Then follows the interview with the manager, in this case head director of Accenture’s retail practice. Then an individual is assessed basing on his or her capacity to work considering the kind of response that will be provided.
Interview with the General Manager
After this, the applicant is forwarded to the general manager, under the condition that, the applicant pleased the department manager in a way that he allowed the applicant to proceed to the next level
Drug Test and Background Check
If the general manager has been pleased with the applicant’s response, the issuing of the pre-employment documents follows where drug Test is done. The applicant should not deny this is he or she is in need of the job.
Pass or Fail Call
Once all this has been done, the applicant’s papers will be submitted and the applicant has to wait for a call which may be informing the candidate of a fail or a pass, however, the majority who are called receive a pass call.
Why I feel qualified for the job?
The vacancy that was advertised had all the qualification that I can simply surpass. Having an experience in marketing and managerial accounts will sufficiently support my qualification. Moreover, I have the full knowledge concerning the company’s procedure for application of such like a position; this may give me an advantage over the majority of other candidates.
How to prepare for the interview
The following are the sufficient ways that one can prepare for a management position in Best Buy Company having an idea concerning their application procedures:
More research and answering practices on the kind of questions that may be asked
The critical comparison of those applicant skills with those required for the qualification to the job requirements.
Preparing responses to any sort of questions or situation that I may encounter during the interview.
Planning what to wear in order to appear presentable before the interviewer
Planning what to bring during the interview
Paying attention to any sort of nonverbal communication
Doing a follow up after the interview
Five questions that an interviewee should ask in an interview
“How do you define success for this job?”
Something specific about the organization
Can I have a quick tour?”
“Can I meet some people I’d be working with?”
What is your favorite part about working here?”
Do you see any reason I might not be a good fit for this position?”
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