In this exercise you play the role of Shawna a project manager

In this exercise you play the role of Shawna a project manager
Question In this exercise you play the role of Shawna a project manager for ZAP Pharmaceutical Company. Currently you are managing a large IT project in the healthcare industry for ZAP. Your project is to refurbish an existing office building install the IT infrastructure and outfit the area for use as a new telephone answering hub for your company. You took over this project a week ago from John the previous project manager. John had overseen the project since its inception. This project is in the execution phase with the refurbishing and installation of the infrastructure currently being done in concert with each other. All of the new office equipment is on order and is scheduled for delivery on the day after the refurbishment and infrastructure work are scheduled for completion. The overall work progress is about three quarters finished. Senior management is pleased with the progress of the project so far. There are four vendors working with you on the project. Bear’s Construction Company is handling all the refurbishment. This work includes all structural work drywall and electrical work in the building. Anne’s Interior Design is doing the carpeting painting and cubicle work. Roxy’s IT Services is installing all IT components including servers IT cabling and a wireless network. Sheba’s Office Equipment is providing all desks computers and phones. All contracts associated with this project are fixed price contracts. Since taking over for John you have had a number of contractual issues arise associated with this project. You have delayed making any decisions about these issues hoping they would work themselves out. Today a third contractual issue was brought to your attention. Realizing you can no longer postpone action on these issues you call a meeting of your project team. You project team is made up of three individuals. Iris is the future manager of the telephone hub. Tony is the IT lead on the project. Phil is the facility specialist assigned to your team. You describe each of the three issues to the team and ask for input. 1.Bear’s Construction Company is making a claim that it is not responsible for inspections required by the local township.

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