issc 325 discussion response 2

I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.
1) Research and discuss biometric applications for use with mobile devices.
Student one:
Good morning class,
I always love to learn more about biometric applications for use with mobile devices because it is becoming more and more common to use and technology progresses. When I think of biometrics with mobile devices, I immediately think of the TouchID with Apple and the FaceID that they developed within the past 2 years that allows a user to do things such as unlock their phone or make a payment just by authentication with their face. After researching, I have discovered that there are more types of biometric uses for the mobile device. For instance, hand recognition is considered a newer type of biometric in which it uses the rear facing camera on the phone and the flash to take a picture of the personâ€s fingerprints (Callahan, 2018). Another interesting biometric that I never considered, especially since it is not really a physical biometric. By continuously using your phone, the hardware and software can develop a behavioral pattern which can be “measured by a deviceâ€s myriad sensors”, to include if the device has moved to another location or if the microphone picks up your voice and it continues to match (Callahan, 2018). This can help the phone realize that you are the correct user for it. I personally donâ€t think that it is the most secure way of using biometric authentication on a mobile device, but I do believe with an additional biometric method, it could be very secure and continue to develop its accuracy over the years.
Callahan, J. (2018). Mobile devices: The ‘last mile†to enterprise biometrics. Retrieved from
Student two:
Hey class,
I found this weeks forum to be extremely relevant and interesting given that the majority of people interact with mobile biometrics on a daily basis. Cell phones introduced fingerprint scanning as early as the mid 2000â€s. According to Business Insider, biometrics on cell phones “did not truly become mainstream until 2013.” (Agomuoh, 2017). The iPhone 5S was the first major phone that incorporated a biometric system in the form of a fingerprint scanner in 2013 (Agomuoh, 2017). This allowed users to unlock their phones as well as authenticate themselves for things such as apple pay purchases and to download apps from the app store. From there, it has only gotten more sophisticated with facial recognition. Apple made facial recognition mainstream when they introduced it on iPhones. Many android phones now have iris scanning available. More importantly and just as grand is may android phones have the ability for users to select which biometric authentication pertains to what task. For example, you can have facial recognition set to unlock your device and have iris scanning authenticate purchases. The future will have undoubtedly more biometric scanners incorporated into cell phones as the technology exponentially grows. At the current moment, many developers are trying to enhance voice recognition software, so that it can be coupled with other biometrics to increase security. Developers are worried that spoofing may be an option with voice recognition. People will try to use recordings and voicemails to authenticate, thus making this technology harder to secure. From briefly researching, I have learned some companies are trying to incorporate a live feature, that records your physiological movements when you speak a phrase for voice recognition. This will deter those from utilizing recordings. These applications have increased the security of cell phones immensely. The user interface is extremely simple and has been one of the most important characteristics of these features aside from security. Thanks.
Agomuoh, F. (2017, December 27). Password-free smartphones are no longer the stuff of science fiction – they’re everywhere. Retrieved from…
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