It Isa Geography Course But There Wasn T An Option In Subject But This Is Very C

It isa geography course but there wasn’t an option in subject but this is very close to physics. ThanksRadiation1. During a 20-minute period, 3.0 x 106 J of solar energy are incident upon the beach at Santa Monica Bay.a). Calculate the mean incident radiant flux.Assume that the average human body is 1.5m tall and 0.6m wide.b) Calculate the mean radiant flux density on the average human body during that 0-minute period.2. The earth has a surface temperature of approximately 18oC and radiates like a blackbody. Using Stefan-Boltzmann’s Law calculate much energy the earth will emit over all wavelengths? Using Wien’s Law calculate the wavelength at which it will emit the maximum amount of energy?3. The average radiating surface temperature of Venus is 452oC. Calculate the wavelength of maximum emission for Venus. On the basis of your answer, should the naked human eye be able to see Venus? Why can we see Venus?4. The wavelength of maximum solar emission is about 0.475 x 10-6m, which corresponds to blue light. Use Wien’s Law to calculate the approximate temperature of the sun. Why do we see sunlight as yellow? Compare the wavelength of maximum emission of the sun to that of the earth (See your answer in question 2). Why are they different?Energy5. Latent heat is the energy associated with changes in state of water. A container holding 40 kg of liquid water loses 25 kg of liquid due to evaporation. Using the latent heat of vaporization, calculate how much energy was required to evaporate that water. Where is that energy now?6. When averaged over the top of the atmosphere for one year the average KEX is approximately 342 Wm-2 Using Figure 1.8 in your text, calculate the energy flux density for:a. The planetary albedob. The solar energy absorbed by the atmosphere and cloudc. The solar energy absorbed at the earth’s surface.d. The energy transferred as latent and sensible heate. The longwave energy absorbed by the atmospheref. The longwave energy that escapes through the atmospheric windowIf the Earth-Atmosphere-System depended only upon the radiative transfer of energy what could we expect in the atmosphere and at the surface, in terms of temperature?
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