Kentucky Blockchain Technology Working

Kentucky Blockchain Technology Working

For Journal #2 (Week 7) you will be providing information on the topic you wish to research for Paper #2. Paper #2 will be a research paper that will be submitted to the Kentucky Blockchain Technology Working Group to potentially be included with their 2022 Annual Report to the Kentucky General Assembly and Governor’s Office. The purpose of this research is to provide elected officials (legislative and executive) with the state of blockchain regulation and adoption within the differing states as well as regulation by the Federal government either through legislation or agency regulation. Therefore, topics can include:

  • Examination of how a single state in addressing/regulating/adopting blockchain and cryptocurrency. States selected should either be in the forefront of blockchain (Texas, Wyoming, etc), or should be a neighboring state to Kentucky or a state from the southeastern United States (VA, NC, SC, TN, GA, FL, AL, AK).
  • Examination of how multiple states may be addressing the same field or aspect of blockchain/cryptocurrency/digital assets. This could include banking, mining, cryptocurrency, records management, creation of working groups or funded agencies within the state, etc.)
  • A comprehensive examination of the Catawba Digital Economic Zone (CDEZ) that has been implemented by the Catawba Tribal Nation in South Carolina (Home – Catawba Digital Economic Zone)
  • Comprehensive overview of proposed legislation by the US Congress
  • Potential regulation of blockchain/cryptocurrency by Federal Government agencies (including SEC, CFTC, OCC, etc)
  • A comprehensive overview of crypto mining in the state of Kentucky.
  • Other similar topics you wish to research in the government, regulatory and state approach to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

For you journal you will be drafting a two-paragraph entry. You will provide one paragraph discussing your desired topic of research and explanation of why you want to examine this topic and then a second paragraph explaining how you will go about researching this topic. Please ensure that these are somewhat substantive paragraphs (150-200 words each; or 300-400 words total).

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