Leadership Exploration Project

Becoming a Leader
Leadership can be defined as the art of getting something done by others because they want to do it. It is also the act of influencing others to do something in a desirable manner. Leaders engage in setting direction, building visions that are inspiring and creating new things. (McCall Morgan W., 2000) Leaders also build their followers for the good of the intended goals. As a leader, there are various expectations that I should be able to portray. The characteristics of a leader are very critical, and it determines several aspects of both the organization and the followers in general. Honesty and integrity are my greatest virtue. As a leader honesty and integrity is very crucial and will greatly assist in influencing my followers towards achieving desired goals.
As a leader, I am expected to be creative and innovative, analyze issues and solve problems, exhibit professional and technical skills and also practice self-development. Results are crucial to any given leader. In this aspect, I will take initiatives, focus on results and establish goals that are realistic and achievable. Communication skills are also key. I will motivate and inspire my followers, advocate for collaboration and teamwork, build solid relationships and also communicate broadly and powerfully. As a leader, I will be expected to connect my group to explore the outside world, champion for a change and also develop relevant strategic perspectives.
A leader has to possess various skills, traits, and behaviors to impact the organization positively. Functional expertise and knowledge are very vital to a leader. This will help them build and impact knowledge to employees on various aspects such as hiring rules, labor laws, compensation issues and other areas that employees have little knowledge about. This will assist employees gain more knowledge on the operational basis of organizations and enhance smooth running of the organization. (Kirkpatrick, 2002)
Enhancing positive relationships is also a critical skill for leaders to possess. For the organization to be successful, the leader and in this case the human resource manager has to be concerned about employees. The mutual benefit can only be realized when the needs of employees are catered for effectively. Collective inclusion and labor relation can act as one of the best ways of building a positive relationship. (Avolio, 2009) Communication skills are very crucial in a leader. Clear and effective messages from the leader can help boost the morale of employees, increase their productivity at work and even result in saving a lot of money for the organization. Ways of communication such as good writing skills lead to an understanding of the procedures and policies of the organization, and this enhances organizational effectiveness.
Ethical and value-based behavior is also critical to leaders. Leading as an example and as a role model will influence the employees to achieve more in the organization. Leaders also have to learn continuously so as to impact more knowledge in employees and formulate strategies aimed at achieving goals. Thinking strategically and acting accordingly is also important because it helps avoid several mistakes that may affect both employees and the organization. Furthermore, important traits such as confidence and integrity will act as important elements of employee motivation. This will eventually result to achievement of desired goals.
As a leader, I view myself contributing in several ways. I will build strong relationships that cater for employee’s needs, portray a high level of confidence and integrity, learn more for the essence of impacting knowledge to employees, uphold desirable ethical values and communicate effectively in matters pertaining to the organization. All these characteristics, traits, and strategies will enhance mutual benefits and the success of both employees and the organization.

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