lesson six and seven

Question 1 (2.5 points) The cessation of the monthly menstrual flow as women age is calledQuestion 1 options:a) menorrhea.b) menopause.c) menorrhagia.d) oligomenorrhea.SaveQuestion 2 (2.5 points) In the term menarche, the root arche means Question 2 options:a) formation.b) ending.c) produce.d) beginning.SaveQuestion 3 (2.5 points) The funnel-shaped end of the fallopian tube is known as theQuestion 3 options:a) isthmus.b) ostium.c) infundibulum.d) fimbriae.SaveQuestion 4 (2.5 points) The external region between the vulva and the anus is theQuestion 4 options:a) perineum.b) peritoneum.c) puerperium.d) parturition.SaveQuestion 5 (2.5 points) The following terms are spelled correctly exceptQuestion 5 options:a) mensturation.b) areola.c) menstrual.d) venereal.SaveQuestion 6 (2.5 points) Surgical excision of an ovary is known as anQuestion 6 options:a) oogenesis.b) oophorectomy.c) oophoritis.d) oophorotomy.SaveQuestion 7 (2.5 points) An accumulation of fluid in the scrotal sac is calledQuestion 7 options:a) testitis.b) hydrocele.c) hypospadias.d) balanitis.SaveQuestion 8 (2.5 points) The lubricating fluid secreted by the glands in the foreskin is calledQuestion 8 options:a) semen.b) mucous.c) smegma.d) serum.SaveQuestion 9 (2.5 points) Enlargement of the prostate that can occur in older men is calledQuestion 9 options:a) benign prostatic hyperplasia.b) benign prostate trophy.c) hypertrophy prostatic.d) megaloprostatic.SaveQuestion 10 (2.5 points) What is menorrhagia?Question 10 options:a) Abdominal pain between periodsb) Normal bleeding during a periodc) Stoppage of menstrual periodsd) Excessive bleeding during a periodSaveQuestion 11 (2.5 points) Surgical excision of the uterus is called aQuestion 11 options:a) hysterotomy.b) hysterectomy.c) hymenectomy.d) hysterorrhexis.SaveQuestion 12 (2.5 points) The _______ is also called the uterine tube or oviduct.Question 12 options:a) ovaryb) Eustachian tubec) fallopian tubed) vaginaSaveQuestion 13 (2.5 points) Which of the following is the congenital defect in which the urethra opens on the dorsum of the penis?Question 13 options:a) Epididymitisb) Hypospadiasc) Epispadiasd) HydroceleSaveQuestion 14 (2.5 points) In the term dysmenorrhea, the combining form men/o means Question 14 options:a) month, menses, menstruation.b) abnormal condition.c) difficult, painful.d) abnormal state.SaveQuestion 15 (2.5 points) Doppler ultrasound is used during pregnancy toQuestion 15 options:a) determine the sex of the fetus.b) monitor uterine contractions.c) determine the position of the fetus.d) monitor the fetal heartbeat.SaveQuestion 16 (2.5 points) Failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum is calledQuestion 16 options:a) cryptorchidism.b) anorchism.c) balanitis.d) prostatism.SaveQuestion 17 (2.5 points) The medical word for painful intercourse isQuestion 17 options:a) coitus.b) mittelschmerz.c) dyspareunia.d) dysmenorrhea.SaveQuestion 18 (2.5 points) In the term oogenesis, the suffix -genesis means Question 18 options:a) formation, produce.b) rupture.c) movement.d) closure.SaveQuestion 19 (2.5 points) Vesiculitis is a condition in which there isQuestion 19 options:a) inflammation of the epididymis.b) enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord.c) inflammation of a seminal vesicle.d) scrotal swelling.SaveQuestion 20 (2.5 points) The abnormal process of tilting forward of the uterus at its body and neck is calledQuestion 20 options:a) anteflexion.b) retroflexion.c) anteversion.d) retroversion.SaveQuestion 21 (2.5 points) The anterior chamber of the eye is filled withQuestion 21 options:a) vitreous humor.b) sebum.c) conjunctiva.d) aqueous humor.SaveQuestion 22 (2.5 points) Which structure of the external ear collects sound waves?Question 22 options:a) Cochleab) Tympanic membranec) Auricled) External acoustic meatusSaveQuestion 23 (2.5 points) A ringing sound in the ear is calledQuestion 23 options:a) vertigo.b) tinnitus.c) presbycusis.d) tympanitis.SaveQuestion 24 (2.5 points) In the term trifocal, the prefix tri- means Question 24 options:a) one.b) two.c) three.d) four.SaveQuestion 25 (2.5 points) The medical term for normal vision isQuestion 25 options:a) hyperopia.b) emmetropia.c) myopia.d) presbyopia.SaveQuestion 26 (2.5 points) Which of the following means “pertaining to the ear”?Question 26 options:a) Auditoryb) Auralc) Auricled) AudiologySaveQuestion 27 (2.5 points) The clear fluid contained within the membranous labyrinth of the ear is calledQuestion 27 options:a) perilymph.b) cerumen.c) plasma.d) endolymph.SaveQuestion 28 (2.5 points) Dryness of the conjunctiva is calledQuestion 28 options:a) xenophthalmia.b) chalazion.c) xerophthalmia.d) sty(e).SaveQuestion 29 (2.5 points) Which of the following is located on the basilar membrane and contains hair cell sensory receptors for the sense of hearing?Question 29 options:a) Semicircular canalb) Cochlear ductc) Organ of Cortid) Tympanic membraneSaveQuestion 30 (2.5 points) In the term mydriatic, the root mydriat means Question 30 options:a) less, small.b) to nod.c) disintegrate.d) dilation, widen.SaveQuestion 31 (2.5 points) A(n) _______ specializes in disorders of hearing.Question 31 options:a) audiologist.b) laryngologist.c) otolaryngologist.d) otorhinolaryngologist.SaveQuestion 32 (2.5 points) An involuntary, constant, rhythmic movement of the eyeball is calledQuestion 32 options:a) strabismus.b) trichiasis.c) retinitis pigmentosa.d) nystagmus.SaveQuestion 33 (2.5 points) A disease of the inner ear that presents a group of symptoms that recur and are cause by a change in fluid volume in the ear isQuestion 33 options:a) otolith.b) otitis media.c) Méniére’s.d) otopyorrhea.SaveQuestion 34 (2.5 points) The ________ is the opening in the center of the iris.Question 34 options:a) pupilb) retinac) sclerad) corneaSaveQuestion 35 (2.5 points) A surgical procedure that may be performed to correct myopia is known asQuestion 35 options:a) radial keratotomy.b) photocoagulation.c) phacoemulsification.d) tonography.SaveQuestion 36 (2.5 points) In the term trichiasis, the root trich means Question 36 options:a) eyelid.b) hair.c) blink.d) dry.SaveQuestion 37 (2.5 points) The medical term for night blindness isQuestion 37 options:a) myopia.b) hyperopia.c) nyctalopia.d) amblyopia.SaveQuestion 38 (2.5 points) The middle, or vascular, layer of the eyeball is called theQuestion 38 options:a) iris.b) cornea.c) retina.d) uvea.SaveQuestion 39 (2.5 points) Which of the following refers to an agent that causes the pupil to contract?Question 39 options:a) Mydriaticb) Mioticc) Esotropiad) AnisocoriaSaveQuestion 40 (2.5 points) Drooping of the upper eyelids is calledQuestion 40 options:a) blepharitis.b) blepharoptosis.c) chalazion.d) conjunctivitis.
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