List the resources available to the project

1.2 Assess situation (800 words)
Activities:  Inventory of resources (100 words)
List the resources available to the project, including: personnel (business and data experts, technical support, data mining personnel), data (fixed extracts, access to live warehoused or operational data), computing resources (hardware platforms), software (data mining tools, other relevant software).
Activities: Sources of data and knowledge (200 words)
Identify data sources.  Identify type of data sources (on-line sources, experts, written documentation, etc.).  Identify knowledge sources.  Identify type of knowledge sources (online sources, experts, written documentation, etc.).  Check available tools and techniques.  Describe the relevant background knowledge (informally or formally).DM 1.0Activities: Requirements, assumptions and constraints (500 words)
List all requirements of the project including schedule of completion, comprehensibility and quality of results and security as well as legal issues. As part of this output, make sure that you are allowed to use the data. List the assumptions made by the project. These may be assumptions about the data, which can be checked during data mining, but may also include non-checkable assumptions about the business upon which the project rests. It is particularly important to list the latter if they form conditions on the validity of the results. List the constraints made on the project. These constraints might involve lack of resources to carry out some of the tasks in the project within the timescale required or there may be legal or ethical constraints on the use of the data or the solution needed to carry out the data mining task.
List the risks, that is, events that might occur, impacting schedule, cost or result. List the corresponding contingency plans; what action will be taken to avoid or minimize the impact or recover from the occurrenceof the foreseen risks.
Identify business risks (e.g., competitor comes up with better results first). Identify organisational risks (e.g., department requesting project not having funding for project). n Identify financial risks (e.g., further funding depends on initial data mining results). Identify technical risks. Identify risks that depend on data and data sources (e.g. poor quality and coverage).
Determine conditions under which each risk may occur. Develop contingency plans.
1.3 Determine data mining goals (100 words)
Task: Determine data mining goals
A business goal states objectives in business terminology; a data mining goal states project objectives in technical terms. For example, the business goal might be “Increase catalogue sales to existing customers”while a data mining goal might be “Predict how many widgets a customer will buy, given their purchases over the past three years, relevant demographic information and the price of the item.”
Describe the intended outputs of the project that enable the achievement of the business objectives. Note that these are normally technical outputs.
Activities: Translate the business questions to data mining goals (e.g., a marketing campaign requires segmentation of customers in order to decide whom to approach in this campaign; the level/size of the segments should be specified). Specify data mining problem type (e.g., classification, description,prediction and clustering).

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