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Reply to each of the 6 postings individually. Each response does not have to be too long. No more than a paragraph is really needed. Probably just a few sentences each will work.#1:Hello Classmates, how are you? good, because has television lost its power, I can say yes, and no….Fro good reasons, except dung Super Bowl commercial’s or mega Sports’, Olympic, and Award celebrations; such as, Black Entertainment, Country Award’s and Ministry programming, for financial gain or the raising of money , for benefits. The Jerry Lewis telethon, for children they had every year, annually. The Mobile Advertising, Digital advertising,Rate cards, and TV advertising have come at cheaper prices, because of paid television such as cable, satellite, streaming television, too. This is when the NMS can help. It gives instant access to most of the TV station, along with the various platforms of the National Management Services or Operational Support Systems in British usage are computer systems used, by telecommunication service providers to manage advertising, programmings, and ratings. Although, the television is almost obsolete, we still have some people; such as, the elderly communities, or poverty restricted folks in isolated areas still using basic television channels like 48, 44, and 2. We have embrace technology, education, and observational science’s with all major accomplishment of a better innovated future. The Business World has evolve in the digital, global, and internet connections of the centuries demands.#2:I don’t have cable anymore and I really hate advertisement/pop-ups when I am watching something. I am now used to watching/streaming something and not have to worry about the advertisement. I believe that there is so many different styles, types, ways that companies can choose to advertise their products such as billboards, radio, tv, and others things you can barely go ten minutes without seeing an advertisement for a hospital, school, lawyer, and all the other stuff that is out there for sale in the market. Understandably its a way to stay in touch with targeted audiences, way to get the word out about their service/product, and that are what everyone else is doing so you have to stay competitive in the market.#3:TV advertising can be successful in some situations but mostly online advertising is becoming the better method to display a product or service. I don’t think as many people pay attention to TV commercials now that you can grab your phone and flip through a social media site instead of watching commercials you have no interest in. Targeting consumers through the use of online ads is much more effective because that is where a lot more shopping is taking place. For me, seeing something on a social media site with good reviews gets my attention more then a television commercial that I’ve seen so much I stop caring about it. If you peak someone’s interest online, they are probably more likely to look up the product right away then seeing a television commercial where they forget the name and what it did, and then finally just lose interest in it. Overall, an internet presence better targets an audience then a t.v commercial.#4:I believe that TV advertising is still very much a modern and relevant way to present a product or service to a consumer, but online advertising is soon to take over. Reason being, TV commercials are much more time consuming and costly than advertising through social media and the internet. Many consumers have a limited time to watch tv, or don’t watch tv at all. Some don’t have cable, but just watch movies through Netflix for a cheaper form of entertainment. Most consumers have their phones and the internet accessible to them in their pockets. I also believe that the internet gives advertisers the opportunity to maximize their views and audience and it’s not limited to a time slot like commercials are. Many companies rely on multiple platforms such as radio, billboards, ads in the paper/ magazines, social media, and TV commercials to sell and promote their products. Yes, commercials are part of the plan but unfortunately not the strongest medium of advertising anymore.#5:Although it is obvious online advertising is very much on the rise, TV advertisement is still very much prevalent in the world of marketing today. Based on studies, the average adult watches 5 hours and 4 minutes of television per day. Knowing this, it would only be common sense for companies to continue to advertise their product/service on television to get the most out of their advertising. While advertising on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are certainly effective and rising in popularity, the effectiveness of TV advertising during events such as the Superbowl, the NBA Finals, award shows, as well as popular weekly shows is unmatched. For that reason, I stand with those who believe TV advertising is still unmatched by other forms of advertising, at least for right now. #6:For this week I am going to lean heavily on my own daily life. We are living in the digital revolution. What this means is that everything we consume is becoming available online. The first place I go to look for a deal is online. Then my internet cookies spend the next few days exploiting my google searches to entice me into making a purchase. I have not had cable for maybe four years. The only thing I miss is sports which I stream through other outlets. Unless I am watching the finals for some sport it is not likely that a commercial advertisement will come my way. Are we ready to pull the plug on TV advertisments? Absolutely not. There is a noticeable drop off in the success of this marketing strategy. We spend more time away from the TV. In my day to day routine I am on the internet or in my car. Both of these are far from the TV. With more devices becoming portable and some with data streaming TV will no longer be the advertising juggernaut that it once was.
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