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Use ONLY the assigned readings for this course to construct an argumentative essay responding to one of the prompts listed below. You must use a minimum of ONLY THE three sources I HAVE PROVIDED. There is no maximum limit. Demonstrating your understanding of and close, critical engagement with the readings is a central goal of the assignment. Where necessary, use information from lecture to contextualize the sources. There is no independent research necessary for this assignment, and I discourage you from doing any. Use your time rather to review the materials of the course. If approached seriously, this should help you prepare for the final exam.
The essay should be 5-6 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, one-inch margins. Avoid consuming space with unnecessary information on the first page by providing your name and page number in a header.
1)Respond to the following statement: nationalism can never be a force for progressive social change. In your argumentative response, analyze at least two concrete types of nationalism we have encountered. Possibilities include: (1) the political revolutions of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries; (2) anti-colonial nationalism in the 1920s “search for order”; (3) fascism; (4) Third Worldism.
Tips for Analyzing Primary Sources
Identify the type of source. What genre of writing is this? Who was the intended audience? Where would it have originally appeared?
Contextualize. What information do you have at your disposal that would help you better understand the document? What do you know about the author? What do you know about the society in which it was written?
Identify the authors main and subsidiary rhetorical goals. How did the author hope audiences would think/feel after engaging with his/her ideas?
Analyze the authors rhetorical strategies. What methods did the author employ to persuade his/her audience? Why?
Infer. What can you infer about the society/audiences/author etc. that may not be readily apparent from a surface reading of the text? For example, when an audience makes a specific argument, what that can tell you about the range of perspectives relating to the issue?
Compare/contrast to other sources. How does this source relate to the other sources you have read, and how in turn do they collectively help you understand the broader themes of themes of the course?
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