NaTve Americans and Asian American ofen have cultural belieFs and pracTces that are di²erent

OverviewNaTve Americans and Asian American ofen have cultural belieFs and pracTces that are di²erent FromEuropean Americans. As such, it is criTcal For counselors to learn as much as possible about thesecultures and to develop degree skills to work e²ecTvely with individuals From these cultures. Accordingto the ACA Code oF Ethics, mulTcultural competence is de³ned as a capacity whereby counselors possesscultural and diversity awareness and knowledge about selF and others, and how this awareness andknowledge is applied e²ecTvely in pracTce with clients and client groups.Assignment 3 will help you to examine strategies For providing services to NaTve American and AsianAmerican Clients. You should also listen to the video lecture, review supplemental materials, and use therubrics as guides to help you complete the assignment. ±his assignment will count toward your ³nalgrade, is due by Day 7, and is worth 75 points.DirecTonsRead your textbook chapters and review the videos. Address the quesTons listed below to complete thisassignment. (one or two pages)±he Mental Health oF NaTve Americans video link:h´p:// Americans/Paci³c Islanders and Mental Health video link:h´p:// can counselors work to lessen the e²ects oF racism and discriminaTon that have impactedNaTve Americans and Asian Americans? (1-2 paragraphs)2.What role can counselors play in Fostering a stronger acceptance oF services by NaTve Americanand Asian American communiTes? (1-2 paragraphs)3.Discuss how the reading material From your textbook aligns with the issues presented in thevideos. (1-2 paragraphs)4.Reµect on your learning experience related counseling NaTve Americans and Asian Americansacross the liFespan. Discuss how you can be´er serve clients From these cultural backgrounds inyour school or clinic. (2-4 paragraphs
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