Now You Work For A Public Advocacy Group That Has Decided To Help Mr Fused You H

Now you work for a public advocacy group that has decided to help Mr. Fused. You hold a news conference in response to the hospital’s news conference. What flaws do you find in the hospital’s position? Why is “at-will” wrong for the medical industry? Be sure to read through posts of your fellow students, then select the “hospital” post that interests you the most. word count 100-200
Employee at will is a term used in US labour law for contractual relationship ,where the employer can terminate the employee at any point of time, on any basis with or without any prior notice. In this kind of contract based employement, even the employee has the right to end the relationship at any time without having to face any legal actions.
Exceptions to ‘at will’ doctrine are:
-Public Policy- An employer cannot terminate an employee on the basis of an act done in the public interest.Along with that, an employer cannot also fire an employee if he refuses to do something that will cause harm to public welfare and security.Hence a person oppossing a criminal activity cannot be fired by his/her employer under ‘At Will’ act.
-Implied contract agreements: It means if any implied contract for employement has been formed, it could be an exception. This is because it gives more concrete and clear terms of employement where in a person being an employee can oppose his/her termination under unfair causes.Ar the same time an employee too cannot just leave the company or the employer at any given time. A well defined process is to be followed for any kind of termination or resignation.
Employee at will is followef in every job aspect apart from the government services.In government services the process is more defined and prior notice as well as justified reason is required for termination and resignation.In other sectors, it is important for the people to know their rights and the exceptions to this rule so that no injustice is done to them. Every individual is authorised to take the decision whether or not to continue work, this is where this rule helps them. But it should also be under right judgement so that undue resignation doesnt cause a loss to the employer.
”  At will employment means that an employee can leave a job whenever they want for any reason, and employers can terminate an employee for any reason without notice or cause. The intent of the at will employment doctrine is to prevent wrongful termination and employment lawsuits between employees and employers. “
Pozgar, G. D. (2019). Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration (13th ed). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
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