nurse practice act

Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) are most often regulated by a nurse practice act which is overseen by each state’s board of nursing.  The guidelines set forth by the nurse practice act and enforced by the state board of nursing develops scope of practice standards.  These standards can vary from state to state (American Nurses Association, n.d.).

This writer’s home state of Arizona has some similar Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) regulations as California.  For example, both states require APRNs to have a RN license, graduate degree, and national certification to practice as an APRN.  Also, both Arizona and California allow APRNs to authorize physical therapy referrals, and disability parking permits (American Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.a; American Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.b).

There are many differences between Arizona and California regarding Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) regulations.  Arizona is a full practice state meaning that APRNs may practice independently of a physician and have full prescriptive power after completing a supervisory period.  In contrast, California is restricted practice state and requires that APRNs be supervised by a physician and they are not granted prescriptive authority.  Also, Arizona requires license renewal every four years whereas California requires license renewal every two years (American Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.a; American Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.b).

These regulations are important to Advance Practice Regsitered Nurses (APRNs) as they effect how care will be delivered.  Both states mentioned above require the same education and licensing requirements.  However, APRNs in California are not able to practice to the full extent of that education and license.  Arizona allows APRNs to utilize their education fully and provide care independently.  These types of regulations have a significant impact on practice because they dictate the care that patients will receive.  Hindering APRN practice does not help to fill the void of primary care providers our nation is facing.

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