Or Your First Course Project Assignment In A Paragraph Or Two Describe The Agenc

or your first course project assignment, in a paragraph or two, describe the agency you have selected for the project. Include a sentence or two as to why you selected this agency.
Include another paragraph identifying the person you will interview at this agency and his/her contact information. When making the initial contact you will have the opportunity to demonstrate the transferable skill of communication. Use appropriate, audience-specific tone and vocabulary to demonstrate your purpose of the contact.
is time to present an overview of the agency you selected for your course project. Regardless of the agency you selected, there are common issues required: costs per day, populations served (demographics, types of crimes, risk/need issues), employee demographics, and programs/services offered. It is also important to reflect on the mission statement and functions. Include a discussion of how the mission statement is reflected in the information obtained from the background information of the agency.
This assignment provides an opportunity to demonstrate your digital fluency and ethics and professional responsibility transferable skills. You will need to access a website to conduct the research on your agency. Mission statements reiterate the ethical and professional responsibility needed to be successful in the field.
Other details to include for your selected area overview are:


county or regional
programs/services offered
average population (count and demographics)
size of agency (number of employees, officer/supervisor/staff ratios)
Costs of operation
Mission statement


Programs/services offered
education/industry programs
classification level(s)
average population (count and demographics)
size of agency (number of employees, officer/supervisor/staff ratios)
Costs of operation
Mission statement


average caseload sizes
specialized caseloads (juvenile, offense-specific, ISP)
programs/services offered or contracted
Size of agency (number of employees, officer/supervisor/staff ratios)

The Agency that you select can be at Jail, Probation Officer Parole Officer it can not be a inmate because you have to ask them some questions. It has to be some someone who works in these departments and you have a contact Name for them.  You must be able to follow this project to the end of this course

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