Paper: Desert Watersheds – Grazing – Climate Change

your Reading and Videos this week there was Allan Savory’s TED talk on
how grazing can stem desertification. Many within the rangeland science
disagree with Savory’s assertions. Below are several short articles on
the debate:Ketcham, C. 2017. Allan Savory’s Holistic Management Theory Falls Short on Science (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Sierra Club Blog.
Briske, D. et al. 2013. The Savory Method Can Not Green Deserts or Reverse Climate Change A response to the Allan Savory TED video. Rangelands 35(5):72–74.
Teague, R. 2014. Deficiencies in the Briske et al. Rebuttal of the Savory Method. Rangelands 36(1):37-38.
To develop your personal position on the issue you will write a short paper stating your position on the issue within the context of watershed management. You will support your position with points from the articles above, material covered in this course, and any other literature you may find. I don’t care about the formatting or length
of the paper provided that you state a thorough, rationally argued, and
supported position. Readings and Videos Video 2 Video 1 Blackburn, W.H. 1983. Livestock Grazing Impacts on Watersheds. Rangelands 5(3): 123-125.Anderson E.W. 1993. Prescription Grazing to Enhance Rangeland Watersheds. Rangelands 15(1): 31-35.Wyman, S., D. et al. 2006. Riparian area management: Grazing management processes and strategies for riparian-wetland areas.
Technical Reference 1737-20. BLM/ST/ST-06/002+1737. U.S. Department of
the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, National Science and Technology
Center, Denver, CO. 105 pp. Only Introduction & Section 1
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