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I am requesting writing assistance for an Philosophy essay (see instructions below). I will the need the completed essay on Friday (9/20) by 3:00 PM EST. I sincerely hope that someone can help! However, I will need someone that is familiar with the books referenced below. I ask that if you are not familiar with this information, please do not accept this assignment. The movie referenced below, “Never Let Me Go,” can be purchased from Google Plan and Amazon Prime for $3.99 USD. I have attached the link to the footage on Viktor Frankl and Jules Evans and the movie. I have factored the purchase cost for the movie into the payment amount. Please note “Turnitin” will be used to detect plagiarism, so please do not plagiarize.
Jules Evans:
Viktor Frankl:
We have read Parts 1 and 2 of Samuelson, Deepest Human Life, watched “Never Let Me Go,” read Hawthorne’s Birthmark, and listened to footage of Viktor Frankl and a talk by Jules Evans. Based on your readings, listening, and our discussion, compose a letter to Aylmer and/or Georgiana, evaluating their actions and providing them with insight as to how they can understand and live their lives. Your essay should include insight from the first four chapters of Samuelson, including Socrates, Epicurus, Epictetus, as well as Frankl, and Evans, and the dvd.
Your essay should be 4 pages double-spaced, It is due Friday, September 20
Please message me with any further questions or concerns.
Thank You,
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