Please help me answer the following three questions for Business Law class in detail about Tort liabilities. Here is the case scenario: PI plans to headquarter the business in commercial space in a local shopping center. The PI headquarters will include private business offices, a reception area, and a conference meeting and planning space to which potential and existing customers will be invited to discuss proposals for painting jobs, paint products, and to complete contracts for painting jobs. The business space will be open to the public to collect information and inquire about PI services, examine paint displays, and view photos and exhibits from ongoing and past painting jobs. The shopping center in which PI will be headquartered is busy and heavily trafficked with customers every day. The PI owners are concerned about potential accidents on the store property and other liabilities that could arise with customers and employees. At the direction of your supervisors at BC, you are tasked to develop a plan to identify and minimize potential tort risks that PI faces in its public retail store operations. PI owners will use the plan to refine policies and procedures to prevent and/or minimize liabilities for PI in the retail facility. 1. identify and describe specific tort liabilities that PI could face in its retail store operations; 2. develop and explain policies and/or procedures PI could implement to prevent or minimize these tort risks; 3. evaluate and discuss how PI owners should orient employees to apply these policies and/or procedures to prevent or minimize identified tort risks.

Tort -Tort is defined as the damage to the civil person (third party) due to the intended or unintended action of business employer, employees or it’s authorized agents.
In other words, due to the action of business employer, or business employees, or employer’s authorized agents, had any damage/ harm/ impact on customer / any third party, then it comes under tort law. So basically Tort Law helps to secure or protect the customer or third party from the impacted action of any employer of its associated agents.
Answer -1 :
The PI can face the tort liabilities in its retails store operations as below
Injury or damages to third person in the retail store: Any third person who is visiting the retail store may met with accident/ got hit and may be injured. This injury will fall in tort law and the liabilities will be with PI.
The injury of the employee of the retail store may fall under tort law, if any of the employees meets any accident or result in injury to any employee.
The injurious impact of any of the retail store’s product to the consumers/third person may have liabilities as per tort law. It will be the liabilities of PI.
Answer -2:
The PI can have following policies and procedures to manage these tort risks as below
PI has the process and policy to find out the risky /critical actions items which can have potential issues in the work place of retail store and fix them.
Monitoring of the Tort actions status and improving them as and when needed to ensure to have any liability issue in the store.
Public General Information and Awareness: The PI will make/display the written general safety information and steps to be followed while in retail store to avoid any accident or injury. This will help them to protect from Tort liabilities.
PI will provide safety instructions along with product use , so that it will help them to protect from tort liabilities.
Answer -3
The PI owner will ensure that his employees are aware, trained and skilled in implementing these policies and procedures to ensure that they do let any tort liability in the work place of the retail store.
The PI owner will do following periodic actions for this as below
Increase awareness of the employees on the tort liabilities and applicable at store place.
Arrange period training programs to increase employee awareness on the tort liabilities and its management in the store.
Monitoring of employee awareness on tort subject.
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