Proposed HIT system and (SWOT) analysis

Nursing Informatics.The goal of this project is to assess a HIT system, such as EHR, patient health record (PHR), or clinicalinformation system (CIS), and describe the benefits of the proposed system.In this week, you will choose a Health Information Technology (HIT) system that you would like to use (Cerner)throughout the course project and create a project proposal with a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, andthreats (SWOT) analysis.Write a 1–2 page proposal addressed to the chief information officer (CIO) that discusses the recommendationregarding what you have chosen and why. Your proposal should have the following sections:Purpose or Introduction: This section should provide the name of a specific vendor’s technology that supportsan appropriate choice of HIT that will benefit both the nursing staff and the patients.Recommendation: This section should concisely illustrate the project’s impact on the fictitious facility.Discussion: This section should give the analysis of the technology, including pros and cons, as well as a moredetailed description of what this technology is and how it will improve the operations in the fictitious facility.Conclusion: This section should synthesize all information and present it succinctly.You may use a memorandum format or a narrative (APA paper) format to write this proposal.In your proposal, include a SWOT analysis of the proposed HIT system. A SWOT analysis is used to help anorganization, or a Project Manager, to figure out what projects, or even tasks, are the most important andlucrative to focus on. A SWOT analysis can also be utilized to ensure that a project aligns with theorganization’s strategic plan. Your SWOT analysis should be presented on the last page of your submission ina chart or table format, with one box each for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can usethe SmartArt feature of Microsoft Word to create the SWOT chart. You should explain your analysis of theSWOT in about one or two paragraphs after the chart or the table.Submission Details:Support your responses with examples. US reference only, 4-5 years old. Cite any sources in APA 6th formatwith in paragraph Citation. Please be clear and say what abbreviations stand for

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