PSY 870: Module 3 Problem SetGAF, Consumer Satisfaction, and Type of Clinical Agency (Public or Private)A

PSY 870: Module 3 Problem SetGAF, Consumer Satisfaction, and Type of Clinical Agency (Public or Private)A researcher wants to know if mental health clients of private versus public service agenciesdiffer on Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scores and on Satisfaction with Services(Satisfaction). She has collected data for 34 clients from a private agency and for 47 clients of apublic agency.Directions:Use the SPSS data file for Module 3 (located in Topic Materials) to answer the followingquestions:1.What is the independent variable in this study? What are the dependent variables?2.The first step for the researcher will be to clean and screen the data. Please do this for theresearcher and report your findings. Be sure to check it for possible coding errors, as wellas complete the screening of the data to see if the data meet assumptions for parametrictests. Did you find any errors that the researcher made when setting up the SPSS data file(check the variable view)? If so, what did you find? How did you correct it?HINT:Yes, one of the variables is incorrectly listed as scale.3.Were there missing values on any of the variables? If so, what might you do for those forthe independent variable? What about those for each of the dependent variables? Explainyour reasoning.HINTS:Yes, each variable has some missing data. Describe how many (and % of all)are missing on each variable.When considering what to do about the missing values on each variable,consider if you really can guess what agency a person came from.Next, forthe continuous variables, consider (1) what % of values are missing (if morethan 5% are missing, what might this mean?); (2) is there a pattern to themissing scores?Include information from the Output file of your SPSSExplore analyses to provide specific number and % of missing values on eachof the dependent variables.Based on this, what recommendation would youmake for what to do about the missing values?
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